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How to Get Prepared for a Bathroom Remodeling

Prepared for a Bathroom Remodel

Let's face it, getting prepared for a bathroom remodeling can be nerve-wracking. You will be tossed out of your comfort zone and be forced to readjust your daily routine around the use of your bathroom. 

If you are remodeling your master bathroom, you will need to plan how the entire family will share the kids' bathroom. For others who may not be as lucky to have the option of a second bathroom, it gets even scarier. 

In this article, you will learn some tips to get prepared for a bathroom remodel.


Work with a Clear Timetable

A construction project can be unpredictable. That is because you will be working with a mix of artisans from carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and tile installers.

The best way to take charge of the construction project is to come up with a clear plan that stipulates how events will take place. Work closely with your contractor and communicate your expectations and timetable candidly.

Ordering the required items ahead of time makes it possible to have the work running uninterrupted due to the unavailability of essential items.  A delay in accessing materials or changes to the design can throw a wrench into the works and unnecessarily slow down the process.


Think Through Logistical Details with the Contractor

Brainstorm the bathroom remodeling project in finer detail with the designer while asking pertinent questions on the construction procedures. Experts may unintentionally throw you into a spin with technical jargon. Therefore, seek clarification as you walk through the construction process even before the works begin. Check out our planning guide for more tips.

Clarify such issues as the space they will require to do their work, whether they will require parking space, use of your bathroom and overall how long the construction is projected to last. You may also want to know whether extra space is needed to keep their equipment so that you clear the required area in advance as you await the delivery of materials. How you will deal with trash from the construction site and whether you may need a portable toilet while the work is on. 

Additionally, it becomes easier to break down the work into specific milestones, such as tiling, cabinetry, the completion of the toilet, and so forth. That makes it easier to track progress and accurately project completion. With that information, you can plan on how long you may need to make alternative arrangements for bathroom use.


Explore Feasible Alternatives for a Bathroom

While some may be lucky to have a spare bathroom for the kids that they can use as bathroom remodeling progresses, others may only have a single bathroom.

If you have an extra bathroom to spare, all you have to do is adjust bathroom use to accommodate the entire family. Plan a schedule so that all can use the bathroom with minimal inconvenience. Morning hours that are associated with the highest bathroom traffic will prove to be the most critical. 

On the other hand, if the only family bathroom is being remodeled, you may need to take more radical steps to survive the upgrade. Here are a few suggestions that can prove handy if that's you:

  1. Make a makeshift bathroom if you have space and the budget for it.
  2. Relocate to stay with parents or relatives.
  3. Plan for your family vacation to coincide with your bathroom remodeling
  4. Make more use of your gym for showers.


Be Ready for Delays

Plans work perfectly in the ideal world. There can be unanticipated delays in the real world despite a perfect plan. Be prepared for surprises. Make an allowance of a few days to a week after the projected completion date before you can invite visitors to your home.

Are you planning a bathroom remodeling and are wondering how to start? We at Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio can be of great help. We can help you plan and execute a seamless bathroom remodeling project with our expertise and equipment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. 

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