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How to Inspire Your Home Remodel Project with Inflation Limitations

Home Remodel Project with Inflation

Homeowners currently planning a remodeling project have likely noticed the recent impacts of inflation on the market. Material costs are up, availability is down, and estimated complete times are months out while waiting for deliveries. However, you don't have to scrap your renovation projects just yet. If you are the kind of homeowner who prides themselves on creatively practical solutions, now is the perfect time to use inflation as inspiration.

Interrupted supply chains and the high costs of many standard building materials is just an opportunity to get creative. With an awesome design and architectural team on your side, you might just get the renovation you've been dreaming of by working around the current building market hurdles.  


Which Materials are Practical and Affordable?

Right now, lumber (wood of all types) and steel are experiencing high prices and short supply. But there are options other than wood and steel when renovating a modern home. You might try finished concrete floors instead of wood, or polished aluminum instead of steel. You might discover a new blend of plastic that is perfect for your utility areas or composite materials that have not experienced the same shortages as traditional wood and lumber materials.

Ask your contractor about the spaces you want to renovate and which available materials offer a practical and affordable alternative.  


What is Warehoused Nearby That You Can Use?

Delivery times are long due to shipping container interruptions, truck driver shortages, and global supply chain issues. But that just means you need to focus on the materials that are already nearby. Locally produced and/or already warehoused materials don't have to take months and months to arrive when they're stored right around the corner.

Ask your contractor to help you source things like boards, sheets, slabs, and finished fixtures that can be found in local storage and earmarked for your upcoming project.


Seeking Local Reclaimed Finishing Materials

Reclaimed materials are also a great source of remodeling opportunities. Reclaimed materials are pulled out of old buildings during teardowns and remodels, and the materials themselves can be refinished to become part of a new installation.

For example, old wood panels can become wood flooring and finishing veneers when removed from a previous building. Reclaimed bricks can be used for a facade, pathway, or fireplace; You can even reclaim perfectly good stainless steel fixtures if you know where to look.


Upcycling Local Fixtures Instead of Ordering Out

Check your community marketplace for fixtures that are perfect for upcycling. A nearby neighbor or someone two cities over might have the chandelier you want without having to order overseas for delivery. You might find an old table in a thrift shop that could be fitted into a butcher block counter for your island, or even pieces from a scrapyard that could be power sanded, powder coated, and turned into new fixtures in your home.


Working Closely With a Design Team for Your Creative Renovation

The current inflation impact on home renovations doesn't have to slow you down. If you want to make home improvements and are willing to get creative, a skilled remodeling team can help you achieve your goals. Work closely with architects, interior designers, and trades experts to determine what local materials, reclaimed materials, and upcycled elements can be used to create the space you envision without breaking the bank or waiting over a year for material deliveries.

When you're done, you will have a truly unique space and a deep sense of pride in being indomitable in the face of adverse market conditions.


Renovating Creatively with Edesia

Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio is fully staffed with in-house architects, designers, builders, and trades to ensure that your next home remodel is perfect in every aspect. Our experts can help you strategize a remodeling plan that meets all our needs with minimal inflation costs and supply chain setbacks. Contact us today to begin building your creative renovation planning.

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