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How To Keep Cabinets In Great Shape

Keep Cabinets In Great Shape

If you have lived in a few houses, you know that not all cabinets last forever. You've likely seen ragged cabinets, sagging cabinets, cabinets with peeling paint and with chipped edges. But may also have seen beautiful cabinets that last for decades. This isn't just chance, and it's not just the quality of the wood or paint - though material quality helps. It's care.

You can keep your cabinets in great shape by taking care of them with a few specific and surprisingly easy methods. If you have just installed new kitchen or bathroom cabinets - or are planning a remodel in the near future - these tips can ensure your cabinets stay beautiful and strong for many years.


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Routinely Clean Your Cabinets and Shelves

Cleaning and maintenance go hand in hand. Cleaning your cabinets inside & out on a regular basis can help to remove any potential harm and gives you a chance to inspect your cabinets routinely. Wipe down your cabinets with a damp cloth often and, at least twice a year, take everything out of each cabinet and clean all the way to the far back corners.


Use Shelf Liners or Contact Paper

Shelf liners are one of the best ways to protect your cabinets. Solid plastic liners are removable and dish-washable just in case a spill occurs in your pantry cabinets. Contact paper is a quick and easy way to replace the lining of your cabinet shelves every year or two. Either option allows you to more easily keep your cabinets clean, while also protecting your dishes. Shelf liners also typically can be scrubbed safely compared to paint typically used for cabinet interiors.


Finish and Protect Your Wood from Moisture

Speaking of paint, the right cabinet paint or wood finish can protect your cabinets from moisture. Moisture is the single greatest enemy of cabinetry. If you have hardboard cabinets, water can cause the boards to sag and crumble over time. If you have solid wood cabinets, they will warp when soaked in water. So avoid soaking and prevent moisture from remaining on or in your cabinets for any length of time.

The right paint or wood finish can make your cabinets more resistant. Care and moisture sensors below the sink can prevent flooding from doing damage. Quick cleaning can ensure that spills don't have a chance to soak in.


Wipe Up Spills Promptly

As for spills, the faster they are cleaned up, the better. This is true for splashes and drips as well as moisture exposure. The finish of your cabinets will last longer if you make sure that spills don't stay. Sauces, oils, and even drips of soapy water can eat away at paint or finish, causing discoloration and stains. If you wipe your cabinets promptly after a spill, the finish will be safe.


Use the Right Cleaning Solutions and Materials

Make sure you use the right cleaning chemicals based on the wood, paint, and finish you have chosen. Dish soapy water or white vinegar and water are usually the best choices for cleaning glossy painted kitchen cabinets, where harsh chemical cleaners can do damage and etch your paint over time. Read the instructions on your cleaning solutions if you want to use something stronger.


Protect Exterior Corners

Lastly, take care of your corners. If you notice that the corners of certain cabinets are constantly being scuffed, add a little trim. Cabinet trim can be used to decoratively protect your cabinet corners, and is more easily replaced than the cabinets themselves.


Cabinets Built to Last with Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio

Here at Edesia, we know about how to make your cabinets last because we specialize in kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Whether you are refinishing your existing cabinets or building all-new cabinetry, the right care can ensure that your cabinets remain both sturdy and beautiful for many years. Contact us today to consult on cabinet designs and best practices.


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