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How to Pick the Perfect Bathroom Flooring

Bathroom Flooring

Deciding to remodel your bathroom is one thing. Actually choosing your paint and tile is completely different.

If you're having trouble making a decision, it can help to get your priorities in line. How exactly does someone pick the perfect flooring for a bathroom?

How do you define the ideal floor for a room where safety, comfort, and water resistance are paramount?


bathroom planning guide


Today, we're diving into the qualities of the best bathroom tiles. Comparing tiles to these qualities will help you choose the best bathroom flooring.


Tile with Traction

First and foremost: prevent slips. Favor tile with a stone surface or a slightly porous or rough texture.

This provides so much more traction when it comes to avoiding slips on a wet floor. Favor stone and ceramic, veer away from glass-finish and smooth-glazed tiles which are more slippery.

Make sure your bathroom tiles have good traction, ask about non-slip options.


Neutral Pattern, Complimentary Colors

When choosing the appearance of your tiles, think about the rest of the bathroom design. Consider the tiles already installed for the bath and shower, along with the backsplash behind the sink.

These tiles should have complimentary colors and styles with the floor tiles. Speaking of patterns, keep it neutral.

There are some amazing tile designs out there, but not for the bathroom floor.  Avoid busy designs, high contrast, and magic-eye illusions.


Not Too Cold in Winter

How cold will your tiles get when the weather cools down? Consider how chilly you want those tiles to be when you step out of a shower in the winter.

Some tiles are naturally warmer than others. Some don't conduct heat so are always a neutral temperature while others are great heat conductors and ideal for radiant heating floor systems.


Sturdy Enough to Last for Years

When it comes to home flooring, durability matters. Things will get dropped, including people and pets and heavy bottles shampoo.

You want tile that won't crack no matter what it's put through, so compare strength and long-term durability of tiles when making your selection. Talk to your local tile expert about the differences between specific materials and product lines.


Spaces Neatly in Your Bathroom Floorplan

Another handy thing to note is the size of your bathroom vs the size of your tiles. If your bathroom width is an even multiple of your tile size, that makes laying your bathroom flooring so much easier.

There will be far less need to cut partial tiles when your tile size lines up cleanly with your bathroom size.


Flows Visually from Room to Room

It's also important to consider how your bathroom looks from the outside. Avoid a bathroom floor that feels like it's in another dimension.

Watch out for busy patterns and sudden stylistic changes. Instead, choose bathroom flooring that looks elegant as it flows from the previous rooms or hallway.


Makes You Smile

Of all the reasons to choose one tile over another, making you happy is important. If there's a particular tile that you and your family will especially love, go for it.

Maybe the tile has tiny turtles in the design, or maybe it's a favorite color that always makes you smile. If you would love a bathroom with that color or pattern, then embrace that joy and enjoy your home.


Choosing the perfect bathroom flooring for your home doesn't have to be hard. Start with a durable material with good traction.

Choose a tile that doesn't get too cold, then from there, choose from the colors that would look good in your home and make you happy to see.

For more bathroom decor insights or professional design tips, contact us today!


bathroom planning guide

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