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How to Reinvent Your Kitchen Cabinets with Molding and Trim

 Kitchen Cabinets with Molding and Trim

Dreaming of a cabinet redesign? You're not alone. Thousands of homeowners are unsatisfied with their cabinet design. 

Maybe you don't like the dusty space between the upper cabinets and the ceiling. Perhaps the raw corners or the open baseboards of your cabinet are sharp and unattractive.

The edges of your cabinets may be worn, or you may just dislike the style your kitchen was originally designed in. But you know better than to rip out the entire kitchen just to fix a few cabinet details.

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When it comes to kitchen cabinet design, you can have your cake and eat it too. A cabinet dress-up using trim and molding can completely reinvent the look and function of your cabinet design - without the massive ordeal of a whole-kitchen renovation. Why rip out your cabinets when a surface-level redesign provides everything you need?


Cabinet Dress-Up Services

We know that not all cabinet design is equal. Some cabinets are put in rough with sharp corners and unfinished baseboards. Some collect dust above the upper cabinets. Some just don't mesh with the style of a new homeowner.

The Cabinet Dress-Up service makes it possible to reinvent your cabinets without reinstalling them. We'll make use of custom-cut trim to smooth the rough edges, change the visual style of your kitchen, and even add essential elements of functionality to your cabinet design. 

When we're done reshaping and repainting your cabinets, it will feel like a brand new kitchen.


Upper Cabinet Trim

Upper cabinet trim changes the shape, style, and function of the cabinets that hang above the countertop. These types of cabinet trim are unique to upper cabinets and can help adapt your kitchen upper cabinet design to both more practical and more attractive styles.

Riser Molding

Riser molding is one of the most popular upgrades for upper cabinets. The riser extends the top line of your cabinet to the ceiling - enclosing that upper gap that only serves to collect and distribute dust. If you hate that upper "shelf" made by the top of your upper cabinets, riser molding is the fastest way to elegantly take care of the issue.

Light Rail Molding

As cabinet under-lights become more popular, light-rail molding has risen in demand. The light rail provides a decorative line of trim that hangs over the LED strip used to light your countertop from above. This shields your eyes while still providing all the top-down light you need for well-illuminated prep.

Crown Molding and Dentil Molding

Crown molding is the decorative line of trim between ceiling-high cabinets and the ceiling itself. You often see it used in normal home architecture to add detail at the seam between wall and ceiling. Dentil molding is a special tooth-style design that adds style to the typically smooth crown molding design.


Lower Cabinet Trim

There are also trim types that are unique to lower cabinets. These influence how the lower cabinets interact with the floor and nearby spaces to help define your prep space, toe space, and the appearance of your cabinets as part of the kitchen design.

Toe-Kick Molding

Toe-kick molding is essential for any cabinet design. Cabinets missing toe-kick molding (or with degraded kicks) are both less attractive and become damaged more easily. The toe-kick molding is typically low-profile, leaving space for your feet when standing at the cabinet while still attractive with a finished look.

Base Molding

Base molding is more typically used around the backside of islands and wrap-around cabinetry. Base molding provides a shapely finisher to the bottom of your cabinetry that slopes out away from the cabinet like the foot of a pedestal. This makes the back and sides of cabinetry feel more like furniture than a painted box.


Design-Quality Upgrade Trim

After trim specific to upper and lower cabinets, there are - of course - trim styles that work well for both types of cabinets. Combining matching trim on upper and lower cabinets can help give your kitchen a completely new look and improve the function as well as the form. These types of trim do not rely on being above or below the countertop level.


Fillers are essential when there is a gap between your cabinet and the wall. Why leave a 1-2 inch gap to collect dust when you can create a smooth-looking kitchen instead? Fillers can be several inches wide to smooth out the look and design of your kitchen. They are useful when the cabinet length and the wall space are not quite the same.

 Scribe Molding

Scribe molding is similar to fillers but usually smaller. Scribe molding is very thin pieces of trim used to hide any spaces that may have uneven gaps or raw edges against the wall. These are used when the kitchen and the cabinets do not quite perfectly fit each other.

Outside Corner Molding

Outside of your cabinets worn or sharp? Outside corner molding is the perfect way to make your kitchen safer and more beautiful. This corner trim goes along the outer corner edges of your cabinets. They are usually rounded with some decorative bevelling to soften the lines and protect the corners from potential wear or wood exposure.

Skin Panels

Skin panels are new cosmetic sides for your cabinets. Skin panels allow you to change the material and texture of your cabinets - and perform major surface repairs - without actually rebuilding the cabinet itself. Just like you can replace your cabinet doors, you can also replace the panels along the sides to reinvent the look of your cabinets without actually reinstalling them.


Dress-Up Repainting

Last but not least; it's time to paint. Once all your hand-selected cabinet trim has been installed, a fresh coat of paint is the final step in reinventing your kitchen without a major renovation. We know that a beautiful and functional kitchen is essential to a happy home. Upgrading your cabinets is a popular choice when installing a new countertop, and you don't have to fully rebuild your cabinets. 


Redesigning your kitchen cabinets is a wonderful way to change up your kitchen by reshaping your existing cabinet design. Here at Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio, we love clever kitchen updates. Contact us today for the custom cabinet designs to transform your kitchen.

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