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Length of a Bathroom Remodel: How Long Will Your Project Take?

Length of a Bathroom Remodel

How long does a bathroom remodel take? You won't be surprised to hear that it depends on the scope of your project. A minor bathroom remodel might take just a few days - maybe even a single afternoon - to create a few essential aesthetic changes. A complete top-to-bottom bathroom remodel, however, is more likely to take several weeks to a month (sometimes more) to finish.

The length of your bathroom remodel depends on how long it takes to complete each task and whether you need to schedule separate professionals to complete each stage.

Let's talk about the difference in length for each type of bathroom remodel and estimate how long your bathroom remodel will take.


Minor Bathroom Remodel: 1 Week

  • Tiling and Flooring
  • Mirrors and Vanity Lighting
  • Sink, Faucet, and Showerhead

A minor bathroom remodel is when you want to change just one or two surface-level details. Installing a new light fixture or retiling the backsplash - or even both - might take just a few days to complete. Other minor bathroom remodel projects include changing out the faucets and handles, swapping cabinet hardware or cabinet doors, and repainting what parts of the bathroom walls are not tiled.

The more minor bathroom changes you make, of course, the closer you get to a major bathroom remodel timeline.


Major Bathroom Remodel: 1-3 Weeks

  • Cabinetry Rebuild
  • Tub or Shower Replacement
  • Minor Structural Changes

A major bathroom remodel can take up to three weeks to complete, and usually requires more than one week. A major remodel involves one - maybe two - serious changes to the bathroom. A typical major bathroom remodel would include a reinstallation of the tub or shower, or ripping out the cabinets to install a new cabinet design.

A short major bathroom remodel is when you have one serious change and get most of the work done within the first week. A longer major bathroom remodel may require several steps, and you may be subject to delays when scheduling a day for technicians to complete their part in the renovation.


Total Bathroom Renovation: 2-6 Weeks

  • Rebuilding walls and features
  • Moving the location of essential plumbing
  • Adding new light fixtures or outlets
  • A long list of bathroom changes

Complete bathroom remodels are more likely to take close to a month (sometimes more) to complete. This stacks multiple phases of construction and reconstruction of your bathroom, often involving more than one specialist or team before the job is finished. Major changes to your bathroom or a long list of changes will always take longer to complete than one or two small changes.

It may help to understand the timeline of a complete bathroom remodel:

  1. Demolition
  2. Plumbing and Electrical
  3. Bathtub & Shower Base Installation
  4. Toilet Installation
  5. Cabinetry and Sink Installation
  6. Flooring and Tiling
  7. Final Touches

Each phase may take one to three days to complete, depending on your time and delays that may get in the way. If everything goes smoothly, you might have an all-new bathroom in 2 or 3 weeks. But dont' be bothered if you are quoted for a month-long project. Your contractor is ensuring there's enough room to complete just in case of the usual risks for delays like slow material arrivals.


Discover Your Bathroom Remodel Timeline with Edesia

How long does a bathroom remodel take? If you're planning a bathroom remodel with Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio, we'll help you build a timeline and understand how long each phase will take at every step along the way. Edesia is dedicated to helping our clients feel good about renovations before, during, and after the work is done. To discover how long your vision of a bathroom remodel might take to complete, contact us today. We look forward to making your vision a reality.

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