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Poolside Summer: The Perfect Powder Room Design

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If your home has a backyard pool, you know that the downstairs powder room gets a lot of use. The ideal powder room design is actually a miniature poolhouse, complete with a laundry room and a place for quick showers before or after your next swim. The right powder room design can make your poolside summer more luxurious and can even be a life-saver for guests who didn't expect to swim.


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At Edesia Kitchen & Bath, we love to help homeowners craft a specialty bathroom just for the convenience of summertime swimming. Here are some of the features your family and guests will love for your pool-adjacent powder room design.


A Backdoor Shelf for Fluffy Pool Towels

Always have an extra shelf near the back door just for extra towels. You can make guests feel more welcome to swim and minimize drips on your nice flooring with fresh towels just by the door. Even if your back door doesn't have much space, there's usually room for a small cabinet or a few floating shelves for fluffy pool towels.

It can also be kind to keep a few oversized t-shirts and drawstring sweatpants in the cabinet nearby, just in case a guest gets splashed or falls in while wearing their dry clothes.


Place a Powder Room By the Back Door, or A Clear Path Between

If at all possible, place your downstairs powder room directly beside the back door leading to the pool. Even a small home expansion can be used to transform your poolside summer into a luxurious convenience. This way, family and guests can pop to the powder room to freshen up before, during, and after each swim without missing more than a few minutes of any poolside social gathering.

If your powder room is a little further away, plan a waterproof path between the back door and the bathroom to keep your floors safe from puddles and your guests safe from slips.


Access to Laundry Hampers and Machines

It can also help to have a cozy laundry setup near the back door to the pool. At the very least, you want a mildew-resistant hamper in your powder room to immediately catch wet swimsuits and damp towels the moment that anyone changes back into their dry clothes. With a washer and dryer near the back door, all it takes are a few extra movements to toss all the wet swim gear into the washer and even help friends who got splashed to quickly dry their clothes instead of having to drive home damp or go to their next event in a borrowed t-shirt.


A Small Shower Stall for Rinsing Before and After Swims

Showering before and after a swim keeps both your swimming pool and your body clean. Not to mention, extra quick showers in the summer are incredibly refreshing. Adding just a small shower stall to your poolside powder room will be appreciated by everybody who swims. Add a small tankless water heater and your guest shower will have infinite on-demand hot water without affecting the household.


A Small Countertop for Poolside Beauty Touch-Ups

We strongly suggest a countertop sink instead of a pedestal or floating basin for your poolside powder room. This provides a little extra space for family or guests to touch-up during social gatherings or to get their daytime look together after changing back into dry clothes.


A Small Cabinet for Sunscreen and First Aid

The powder room is also the perfect place to keep your extra sunscreen and your pool party first aid kit. Pools and summertime tend to inspire a little more playful behavior from both children and adults, so the occasional scrape is completely normal. Extra sunscreen, of course, is just a nice courtesy to have so that guests can lounge in the sun with you even if they didn't bring their own.


Bonus: A Plumbed In Filtered Water Dispenser

Lastly, if you're feeling truly luxurious, consider a chilled and filtered water dispenser plumbed directly into your water line. Facing outward from the powder room, but connected to conveniently close plumbing, a little water dispenser can encourage summertime hydration and is the perfect source for quickly mixed lemonades and poolside drinks.


Perfect Your Poolside Summer with Edesia

Here at Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio, our specialty is plumbed-in home renovations. That includes your poolside powder room, outdoor kitchens, and much more. If you're looking to create the perfect summertime home renovation plan, we have ideas and builder-designers ready to bring your visions of summer luxury to life. Contact us today to explore the opportunities.


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