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The Daily Clean: How to Build a Fun Kitchen Cleaning Routine

Kitchen Cleaning Routine

When you've designed a beautiful kitchen, you want to keep it that way. Spreading clutter and lingering crumbs are just a crime when you could be looking at your gleaming countertop and beautiful new glasstop stove with a sigh of happiness each time you enter the kitchen. 

Of course, this kind of clean takes discipline, routine, and the ability to let your mind wander when you wield a sponge.

Here at Edesia, we know all about what it takes to keep a kitchen as beautiful as the day it is finished and polished. We also know that good company or a good podcast can make your daily clean into an enjoyable and even anticipated part of your daily routine. Here are some of our favorite ways to keep your mind engaged while keeping your kitchen spotless every day.


Listen to Something Interesting

Many people listen to music while they clean the kitchen, but your options are so much greater than that. You can rock your favorite playlist, your favorite podcast, or play television that doesn't take 100% visuals to track.  You can even queue up YouTube videos or play a personalized streaming station - anything that keeps your ears and brain busy while your hands clean the kitchen.,


Try to Clean & Exercise at the Same Time

One fun challenge -especially to music- is to challenge yourself to achieve a state of exercise while you clean. What would it take to get into cardio while cleaning the floors? Could you build your calf muscles while doing the dishes? Try to stretch, lift, and go fast enough through your kitchen cleaning that you have officially had a light workout by the end. Plus, you'll be done faster.


Try To Clean Faster & Beat Your Best Time

Speaking of going fast, another method is to time yourself. Start a stopwatch (counting up) timer when you start cleaning the kitchen and go as fast as you can without messing up or breaking anything (including yourself). When you finish, tap the stopwatch and write down your best time. A kitchen whiteboard (or dry-erase markers on the fridge) can help you keep track.

Then, tomorrow, try to go faster. Try to beat your best score every time - and clean with more efficient results - and you'll rock a clean kitchen in literal record time without getting bored.


Clean With a Partner and Chat

If you have a roommate or a partner - or a visiting friend - clean together and hold a conversation. Housework is always more pleasant when you do it with someone else and have a lovely chat along the way. Talk about what you've done or plan to do each day, discuss the latest television episode releases, or contemplate quantum physics and deep philosophy; whatever helps to pleasantly pass the time while your hands handle the cleaning.


Clean with a Partner and Race

Another option if you have a roommate or partner is to race each other. Split up the chores (so you don't run over each other) and then try to finish first. The person who finish first wins, and then gets to help the other person finish the list. Take turns or constantly rebuild your list so that the race is fun and competitive.


Study While You Clean

For students and those going through professional training: make cleaning into study time. Use a nearby tablet or the help of a friend to go through flashcards, quiz yourself, and talk about what you've recently learned to help lock in that new knowledge into useable long-term memory. The physical activity of cleaning may even enhance your memory depth.


Do Your Chore Routine Backward

Finally, when you've mastered your usual routine - do it backwards. Clean from the floors up, or from the stove to the sink instead of from the sink to the stove. Clean cups first instead of plates first, or put knives away first instead of last. Just a little switch-up is not only interestingly challenging, it can also boost your creative problem-solving abilities for the rest of the day.


Designing a Beautiful, Easy to Clean Kitchen with Edesia

The final trick is to design yourself a kitchen that is easy to clean. Minimize dirt-catching grooves and corners. Use materials that resist stains and let go of grime easily. Design a sink that is perfect for your dish routine. You'll be saving yourself time and effort for years as a result. Design your beautiful, easy to clean kitchen with the help of Edesia builder-designers. We would love to bring your vision of the perfect kitchen to life.

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