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The Many Places to Install a Tankless Water Heater In Your Home

Install a Tankless Water Heater

Everyone knows that the quality of your water heater and the quality of your life at home are closely linked. It's also true that the old tank water heaters in most homes have some serious downsides. Limited hot water supply, water competition, and a fading ability to reach full heat over the years. It comes as no surprise that the latest in-line tankless water heaters are among the most popular home renovations in the 2020s.

Tankless water heaters are small, efficient, and deliciously hot. Because water is heated in-line, you never run out. And when one is placed near the sink or shower, there's almost no wait for the cold tap to get hot. They're so space efficient you can even install several throughout your home to finally achieve the dream of instant, infinite hot water everywhere in the house.

Where all can you install a tankless water heater in your home?


In the Basement or Utility Closet for Whole-Home Hot Water

The first place most households install a tankless water heater is in the utility space where they have replaced the old tank water heater. The hookups are already there and tankless water heaters are much smaller than the old tanks, so there's plenty of room even for the largest unit. This will supply hot water to the household with the same time-to-hot on most taps, but an infinite amount of hot water over time.

However, too many demands on the hot water and the supply might get a little thin.


By the Kitchen for Instant Hot Water

The amount of time it takes for hot water to reach your tap after you start it running depends on the distance from the water heater to the tap. The closer the water heater, the faster hot water arrives. If you want instant hot water in the kitchen for cooking and washing, all you need is a small tankless water heater installed nearby.

This will not only shorten the distance from hot water to your kitchen sink, it will also help with water conservation when you don't have to run the tap as it heats up.


One In Each Bathroom for Competition-Free Showers & Piping-Hot Baths

Many homes just can't support two hot showers at the same time. Even a central tankless water heater can be tapped by too much demand at once. However, placing one tankless water heater near each bathroom in the house can ensure that every single shower is provide with infinite, competition-free hot water.

As a bonus, a nearby heating unit can also be the source of steamy hot baths with perfect control over the balance of hot water as your bath fills. And without water delay, you don't have to wait for the shower to warm up and can warm up a cooling bath with instant hot water.


Near the Laundry Room for Sanitizingly Hot Laundry Loads

Have you ever wondered if your laundry and dishwasher could run at the same time with actual hot water efficiency? Now, you don't have to. Placing an extra water heater in the basement, garage, or laundry room is a great way to ensure that your laundry water achieves sanitizingly hot temperatures every time.

In fact, this might be the one heater you turn up above hand-scalding heat. Just be careful if you attach it to a laundry room sink, as well.


Go Tankless: Upgrade and Expand Your Home's Hot Water With Edesia

Installing one or more tankless water heaters is the definition of at-home luxury. Enjoy infinite hot water without a recharge cycle, and even make it possible to use multiple sources of hot water at once without cold tap delays.

At Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio, creating luxury through plumbing and renovation is what we do best. Contact us today to explore the tankless water heater possibilities for your home.

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