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What are some creative ways to use photos as wall art?

photos as wall art

We all have our favorite photos.  Maybe it is from your family or from your ancestors.  Or perhaps it is to remember a special event or vacation.

And though you would like to display them, you just aren't sure how they can possibly fit in with your home decor.  Here are a few creative ways to use those pictures as wall art. 


Gallery Walls

If you pick up any magazine with articles on home decor, you are going to see gallery walls.  A gallery wall, loosely defined as 5-10 framed pictures placed in a grouping on one wall, has no hard and fast rules.  It is what you make of it. 

Use your family vacation photos as a grouping to tell the story of where you were and what you were doing.  And mix it up!  Those beach photos will look great mixed in with vacation souvenirs or even a simple sign saying beach.  Shadow boxes are great to combine with photos and other special memorabilia. 

Mix family photos together with items of accomplishment such as graduation tassels, race medals, or other items that display the family's interests.  

Make sure when creating a gallery wall, that you display photos that are to scale.  If you have a vaulted ceiling, don't let your snapshot-size photos get lost on the wall.  And photos no longer need to be hung at eye level. 

When displaying a gallery wall on a wall with high or vaulted ceilings, let the eye travel up, showing off the height.  Mix up the sizes of the items on your wall, as well as the frames. 

A great gallery wall does not have to be matchy-matchy, but rather have some cohesion, whether it is color or theme.  And when creating a gallery wall, make sure you have one item that is larger than the rest.  This should be something that says: This is what this wall is all about!


Blow them Up!

You have that one photo that looks like it belongs in a gallery, right?  So make your own gallery by enlarging your picture and having it printed on canvas.  This is an inexpensive way to personalize your wall art. 

Several companies offer this service such as Shutterfly, Walgreen's, or Costco.  Multiple like photos can be enlarged to make an attractive grouping as well.  This is a great way to fill a large wall or make a focal point in any room.


Use that Awkward Space

All houses and apartments have that space where nothing really fits: Stairways, areas above the windows, corners, and even bathrooms.  Family photos hung along a stairway make the space attractive and personal. 

Pictures hung vertically in corners bring warmth to an often-overlooked space.  Pictures of baby's first bubble bath hanging on the bathroom wall will always make you smile. 


Get Creative!

Photos used as room dividers, hanging from lights, or framed with an old window, are great ways to take your pictures to the next level.  Get creative with frames.  Round, oval, square are great options as well as the standard rectangle.  And they don't all have to be the same finish or color. 

Think frameless, with photos under glass.  Maybe matted pictures with brightly colored mats.  Hanging pictures from found items can be a great way to incorporate both into your decor.  Or if you have several pictures that you want to showcase, maybe create a mosaic or a grid of your pictures. 

Your pictures are important to you.  The people, places, and things that you cherish most have been captured in photographs that you can and should display in your home.  Your personal photos can be beautiful wall art, without sacrificing style.  Want more home decor suggestions,?  Contact us to set up a consultation. 

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