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What are the Best Wall Decor Ideas for Your Home?

What are the best wall decor ideas for your home? This is a question we find ourselves asking each time a redecoration or renovation opportunity arrives.

Repainting the living room? It's natural to wonder about the best new decor strategy to suit your new color scheme and room personality. Moving into a new home?

Well, you're going to need some all-new decorating ideas to make the most of your beautiful new house. Upgrading a child's bedroom as they grow up? They might be asking you about the best decor ideas for a more mature style.


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Have no fear, there are many fantastic wall decor designs and ideas you can try that might be perfect for your new home style.

From the deeply personal to the art aficionado to the elegantly professional, we know all the tricks to make your walls beautiful. Let's dive right into eight of the best wall decor ideas for your home.


Life Wall of Family Photos

The best place to start with home wall decor is family photos. Most households enjoy choosing one wall to spotlight their family life, both residential and distant loved ones. Pick your favorite photos and have them blown up in various sizes.

Experiment with frame sizes and directions to create an appealing-looking cluster, then fill it in with all your favorite people and memories. Use the same frame style to create a unity of design or creatively different frames for a more chaotic aesthetic.


Floating Wall Garden and Fish Vases

Nothing is more beautiful, professional, and tranquil than a floating garden. Hang planters and glass vases from the wall and grow beautiful indoor plants as living wall sculptures.

In glass vases, you can grow water plants and even house sturdy fish like Beta fish that are decorative and only need a single gallon with living plant life to be happy. Grow herbs in your kitchen or flowers in your living room while keeping the floor spotless with a wall floating garden.


Full-Sized Prints: Doorways to Somewhere Beautiful

Like the idea of a door to some wild forest or breathtaking city skyline? Large vinyl prints are transforming what you can do with a blank wall.

Create a doorway to somewhere beautiful by rolling out a full-sized print to another place where you would love to be.

Let your eyes feast on the pure escape of this bold accent wall design and imagine in the evening that you could just step out into that other magical landscape.


Unique Wall-Hanging Sculpture

If you love true art made by local artists, embrace the idea of hanging wall sculptures. Masks, figures, even abstract art made from local materials is a beautiful way to decorate your walls and explore your own artistic inclinations.

Maybe you can hang your own sculptures or discover local artists. Or you can buy replica sculptures of your favorite famous works or display sculptures gifted to you by friends and family who know your tastes.

Wall sculptures add a unique touch of style and artistry to your walls because they are an unusual and detailed choice for wall art.


Framed Art Projects and Family Accomplishments

If you're proud of the artists and academic accomplishments in the family, put them on display. Frame art projects and hang them from the walls next to A+ papers and publications where family members are written about.

Spotlight trophies, hang medals and celebrate each thing members of your family achieve in a way that can be wall-displayed.


Decorative Display of Travel Souvenirs

Have you traveled the world to distant and exciting places? Maybe you've just visited and collected a spoon from every state in the nation.

Whatever your travels and souvenir collections, they are worth displaying. Some homes build a special display case for travel souvenirs. Some theme the entire living room around the joys of travel and the exotic art pieces brought back to sit on tables and hang beautifully from the walls.


Far-Reaching Artistic Stencils

Stencils are highly popular right now as both subtle and striking wall art. A silhouette of a flock of birds or butterflies taking off becomes an artistic swirl across your wall.

The stencil of a tree can send far-reaching branches and twining vines along your wall to create both centerpiece art and detail along with the molding and baseboards.

Some home decorators enjoy scenery silhouettes like the leaning cowboy or a familiar city skyline. Others use stencils as an elegant accent like the shadow of hanging tree branches or even the geometric swirl of a mandala.


Floating Cubbies and Ornamental Cat-Tree Shelving

The last idea is for those with a love of fun and function in wall decor. Floating shelves and cubbies make a great artistic way to display your knickknacks without taking up floor space.

If you have a cat, floating shelves are even more tempting as a wall-mounted cat tree designed to look artistic while also being highly explorable with hanging toys and hidden beds in the maze of wall cubbies and geometric shelving shapes.


Looking for more great wall decor ideas or a team capable of making your new decoration designs into reality? Contact us today! We look forward to working with each homeowner to embrace their vision of home beauty and design.


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