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What are the Current Trends in Bathroom Design?

Trends in Bathroom Design

Redesigning your bathroom, one of the best things to investigate is the latest bathroom trends. 

Today's hot trends reflect the cutting-edge of bathroom materials, plumbing technology, and often show you how to implement the most luxurious features in even a modest bathroom remodel.

So what are the current trends in bathroom design? We're diving into the latest trends in 2021 bathroom design so you can choose your favorite features to reflect or build on with your own unique bathroom design.


Walk-In Open Shower Designs

Nothing makes a bathroom feel more open than a beautiful walk-in shower clad in beautiful natural stone or tile. From home remodels to luxury hotels, the open shore has become the definition of modern bathroom luxury. Most adults rarely take baths and often have houses with a second or even third bathroom to feature a bathtub for those occasions.

Replace your tub-and-shower for a sleek and spacious open shower space that you can easily walk in and out of, possibly without the need of a shower curtain. If you have extra space, make a 'wet room' with a luxury tub and a separate shower space all in one drip-friendly area.


Natural Stone and Neutral Colors

Bathroom design is leaning toward 'inner sanctum' with features focusing on calm and relaxation. This is why neutral colors, 'nude' palettes, and natural stone design have become popular. Your bathroom should convey a feeling of peace and confidence when you get ready for the day every morning and unwind for bed each night.

Countertops and tile are more often matching, flowing naturally into walk-in shower nooks with seating and nearby towel storage. Relaxing brick and artistic tile are also rising in popularity providing a calm and creative air to bathroom designs.


Dual Basin Bathroom Sinks

A less-spoken but widespread trend is dual-sink bathrooms. Whether in master suites or shared kids/guest bathrooms, two sink basins can be used to maximize counter space and increase the potential for multiple users of the sinks and mirrors.

In big family designs, trough basins and multiple waterfall faucets can be used for the most group-friendly extreme of this dual basin trend. You can use a unified mirror or distinct and separate artistic mirror frames.


Spa-Like Features and Luxury

Your bathroom can become a personal spa, with luxury features once only seen in hotels and therapy venues. You can have jets, heated floors, warmed towels, sauna chambers, soothing music, and flexible showerheads. Whatever makes you feel the most relaxed and pampered, you can install into your own private sanctum.

From backlit mirrors to full-body hot air dryers, your spa bathroom can have any luxury feature you want.


Sustainable Bathroom Materials and Design

Sustainability is one of the hottest trends in modern architecture and in bathroom design. Sustainable materials reduce the carbon footprint of both your renovation project and your home. Reclaimed stone adds a touch of history and storytelling to your bathroom while also reducing quarrying and transport.

Fast-growing woods like bamboo and Lyptus reduce the impact of forest cutting and replanting. Locally-sourced materials reduce the carbon footprint of transport.


Towel Warming and Other On-Site Heating

On-site heat in the bathroom is the sole of luxury, and there are many ways to do it. Towel warmers are very popular in 2021 bathroom design because they are easy to install and an undeniable delight.

Heated floors use heating elements underneath conductive tile to warm your bathroom floor even in the middle of winter. A no-tank water heater heats water continually for showers and baths without the need to constantly heat an entire tank of water that then empties.


Bold Bathroom Wall Art

Last but certainly not least, the latest bathroom designs celebrate bold wall art. Accent walls and pattern tiles are both used to splash color and interest into otherwise tranquil bathroom designs. Floating planters and fascinating wall art bring focus to the decor space while splashes of color add personality.


If you are looking to design your bathroom in accordance with your favorite latest trends, we can help. As bathroom remodeling specialists, the Edesia team is ready to help you embrace the best of today's bathroom design trends while creating a complete room design and bathroom experience as the features combine. Contact us today to consult on your ideal bathroom design and the latest bathroom design trends.

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