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What Does Family-Centric Mean? Everything You Need to Know


Nothing gives us joy more than being part of a family. A happy family creates beautiful memories where members can support each other emotionally and physically. As such, the family should always come first and be a decisive factor when making any choice. So, what does family-centric mean? It means considering and including every family member when making any significant decision.

It is only fair to involve and consider everyone's needs when remodeling or designing your home, especially the kitchen. The kitchen is essential because all family members, including children, frequently visit it. Children are playful, and dirt from their activities may be evident in the kitchen through dirty surfaces and cabinets. So how can you beautify your kitchen by having such playful children in the house?


Go For an Open-Plan Kitchen

Whether your kitchen space is small or large, plan for an open kitchen setting where your children can move around. If you have a large kitchen, you can choose a layout that will blend functionality and interactivity.

Examples of such layouts include U-shape, L-shape, or G-shape island layouts which can incorporate a preparation area, cooking surface, and eating area. 


Ensure You Create Dedicated Areas

Having your children around the kitchen can also be dangerous because of the unsafe sections, such as the cooking area. You can mitigate this by creating safe areas where your children can fully view you and what you are doing.

In this regard, island kitchen layouts are the best since they provide separation from unsafe cooking areas. Kitchen islands are beautiful, and possible to design small play areas or a place to do homework as you prepare a meal.


Choose Your Kitchen Color Wisely

White has been a preferred option for many homeowners since it is bright and opens the space up. The white cabinet kitchen is classy, but you can choose other colors and designs to preserve the clean appeal.

For example, you can go for white upper cabinets, gray for lower cabinets, or simply lighter wood. Wood will give your kitchen the natural grain pattern you desire, bringing warmth and aesthetics to that kitchen space. Other color mixes, such as a gray and stained cabinet, will go well with your kitchens. You would be surprised to see how they can be exquisite and bring a touch of style and elegance.


Consider Easy-to-Clean Surfaces

When you have children around the kitchen, go for specific materials to create your worktops. Such materials should be easy to clean and durable since modeling your kitchen is expensive, and you want it to last longer. Examples include granite substitutes such as quartz which is easy to clean and durable since it does not allow water through it.   


Include Children's Furniture and Appliances

You can include small children-sized furniture in the kitchen that they can use as they watch you prepare and cook a meal. While with you in the kitchen, you can encourage healthy eating habits such as fruits.

Furthermore, when they get older, your kids will be less inclined to frequently eat out at eateries if you educate them on preparing meals for themselves. Therefore, you should consider getting kid-friendly appliances with that idea in mind. You can set aside time to show your kids how to use these appliances securely while cooking.

When designing or remodeling your home, you should have everyone in mind. This will include your children since you want them close to monitor them and allow them to learn. Having a kitchen that will incorporate their needs and retain a sense of elegance is all you need.

At Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio, we will offer unlimited advice on how best you can design your kitchen to suit your needs. We have years of experience and always put family first, even when modeling and designing your kitchen. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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