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What Is Pendant Lighting?

What Is Pendant Lighting

When it comes to boosting the decor and aesthetics of your home, pendant lights cannot be overlooked. Not only do they set the right mood in terms of design and lighting, but they also add to the overall feel and look of a room due to their visual appeal.

If you are looking forward to making a big statement through lighting either your kitchen or bathroom, pendant lights are the most suitable to use.

At Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio, we are always committed to giving you a less expensive, better, and more comfortable bathroom and kitchen lighting design. 


What Exactly Is Pendant Lighting?

A pendant light refers to any light fixture mounted to the ceiling and hanging down from the ceiling on a chain, a rod, or any other connector.

They are referred to as pendants because they are suspended from the ceiling just the way a pendant is suspended from a necklace.

Since pendant lights come in different varieties and shades, a professional designer is very crucial at this point to help you chose and fix the right pendant light in your home.

Whether you are looking for something aesthetic or practical, pendant lights are quite suitable for that.


Uses of Pendant Lights

Since pendant lights appear in different designs, styles, and sizes, they can be used in various ways to redefine both your kitchen and bathroom as follows:


  • General Lighting

This is where pendant lights are used to illuminate the whole room. A pendant light that is placed at the center of a room is what we regard as general lighting. 

  • Task Lighting

Unlike in general lighting, pendant lights that are used to light a specific area of the room are regarded as task lighting. Task lighting only focuses on a single location or area, such as the bathtub or a kitchen table. 

  • Area Lighting

Area lighting differs slightly from task lighting on the ground that it focuses on a wider area of the room, such as a corner of a room rather than a specific place. 

  • Accent Lighting

Accent lighting, on the other hand, is used to highlight a design feature such as a beautiful piece of art. A wash of light with pendant lights on the targeted material helps to bring out its various amazing qualities.


Benefits of Using Pendant Lights

  • Versatile

Pendant lights have a wide range of styles and designs that you can choose from to complete the aesthetics of your home. 

  • Acts as Spotlights

Pendant lights can be used to illuminate a particular spot. They are, therefore, perfect in the projecting an amazing sculpture, painting, picture, or anything you would want to focus on. This also guarantees you enough comfort by reducing eye strains and glares caused by too much lighting.

  • Space-Saving 

Pendant lights are good at saving space and avoiding additional clutter in your home. You will not have to worry about any table-space being compromised since they are hanging down. 

  • Provide More Light

One appealing nature of pendant lights mostly when used for general lighting is that they are able to throw some light into the ceiling then reflect it to the entire room. This helps you and your household to see more of the room, thus giving you a better sense of how to move around the room, where you are, and also how best you can fit in that space.


Are you looking up to transforming the look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom through lighting?

Worry no more! Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio has got you covered.  We are always committed to providing timely and professional services sensitive to your budget and decor needs. Get in touch with us today and get a chance to enjoy top-notch customer service and a 100% satisfaction work.

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