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What Makes a Bathroom Luxurious?

what makes a bathroom luxurious

When you walk into a bathroom, you get a sense for the space. Some bathrooms feel cozy, some are statements, and some give you that wonderful feeling of luxury and time.

A luxurious bathroom doesn't need to be enormous or even expensive, but every luxurious bathroom shares a few essential elements that create that feeling of luxury. Hotels, for example, have the formula down pat - consistently producing beautiful bathrooms even in small spaces and extremely efficient designs.

So what can make your home's bathroom look and feel luxurious? Let's dive into those essential pieces of a luxury bathroom experience.


Roomy Spaces

The bathroom doesn't have to be big, but it should feel roomy. Explore ways to make your bathroom effectively spacious even with all the usual features.

Combine mirrors with pale-colored walls and gentle decor to make the room look bigger, along with clear and brilliant lighting.

Floating countertops give you back space below the waist and in-set shelving gives you back space above the waist. Minimalist shower stalls are ideal for opening up a small bathroom while still providing full functionality.


Clean, Beautiful Surfaces

You might be surprised how important surfaces are to the luxurious feel of a bathroom. Consider all bathrooms you have felt were luxurious and the quality of the tile, countertop, and even the grout will stand out in your mind.

The feel of cool tile and stone counters can contribute to the luxury of a bathroom, as can high-quality laminate that eliminates worry about aging grout.

Focus on solid colors or gentle marble patterns that gleam when clean. Then it's just a matter of keeping our bathroom dusted and polished so it keeps on gleaming.


Walk-In Shower or Soaking Tub

How do you like to bathe? If you adore showers and rarely take a bath, build yourself a spacious shower stall. Hotels have long-since proved that a shower tall can feel luxurious and make a bathroom feel much bigger than a standard tub.

Make your shower stall beautiful with tile and glass and it will contribute to the beauty of the entire bathroom design.

Of course, if you love to soak then build yourself a deep, luxurious tub instead. We all enjoy luxury differently. Free-standing tubs can emphasize the space around them or build your tub into the storage and decor structure of the room instead.


Personal Counter-Space

No one likes a bathroom with cramped counter space. Our toothbrush, hairbrush, shaving cream, and other personal effects need space, even if you do tidy them directly after each use.

We need bathroom counter space, so give yourself enough room to enjoy the bathroom. We suggest a floating countertop to use the minimum room volume for your luxurious-feeling square feet of countertop.


Aesthetic At-Hand Storage

Along with a nice countertop is convenient bathroom storage that is also somehow beautiful. We need a handy place to store towels near the shower, paper near the commode, and our personal toiletries when they're not in use.

The luxury is when all these things are at-hand exactly where you need them - and also attractive when packed away. Build in shelves that can hold toiletries at exactly the right level, or a cabinet around the toilet for reading material and supplies. 

Consider ringing your ceiling with cubbies, setting shelves into the wall, and frosted cabinet doors to enhance aesthetics of our necessary bathroom storage.


Comfortable Heat and Airflow

There's a serious experiential difference between a bathroom with good airflow and poor airflow. The cleanliness, quality, and strength of your exhaust fan helps your bathroom air stay fresh.

At the same time, you want a door that is not drafty and you might even want a heater or heat lamp. These seem like little things right up until you're stuck in an over-steamed bathroom or facing a cold draft right out of the bath.


Clear Illumination

Finally, you have a ton of freedom with your choice in lighting. Light fixtures tend to feel luxurious when the suit the decor of the room. Bathroom lights should be clear, illuminating, and clean.

We advise cool white or warm white bulbs with softly frosted light covers to diffuse the light into the room. This provides a gentle vanity-quality illumination. Combined with a dimmer switch and possibly a few smart-home LED mood lights for chill baths, your bathroom will feel like a beautiful place every time you step inside.


If you are thinking about remodeling or subtly redesigning your bathroom for at-home luxury, we know what to do. From beautiful tiles to elegant storage, you can count on our team to make your bathroom a luxurious place to relax and become your best self. Contact us today to consult on your plans for a luxury bathroom.

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