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When is the Best Time to Buy a Stove?

Best Time to Buy a Stove

When is the best time to buy a stove? This is an interesting question, one that requires a little closer look than the obvious answer.

For most homeowners, there are only two reasons to buy a new stove. The first is replacing the old stove as it wears out. But you usually have at least a few months - if not a few years - warning before this happens. So when, actually, is the best time to buy a stove? Is it August and July? December and January? When can you get the best models for the best prices?

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The answer, like most matters of finance and strategy, has multiple layers to consider. Let's dive right into planning your new stove purchase.


Buy a Stove When the Rebates are Good

First, what rebates are available for home appliances right now? Rebates are a cash-back type of discount that is often found in home appliances like the range top you were considering. 

Rebates are often paired with promotional programs pushing the sale of products that manufacturers and retailers want to see. So if you can find a great stove model with a few hundred dollars off as part of the rebate, this can and should sway your long-term decision.


Buy a Stove Right After New Models are Release

Another great strategy for saving on kitchen appliances is to wait until the next generation of new models is released (around the Holidays) and pick up a stove of the previous model at a major discount.  The latest models will sport the highest prices and the most attention.

Because of this, older models - even just one year older - will have significantly knocked-down prices. You can get a beautiful brand new stove for a much lower cost by waiting until about October to December to pick up last year's gleaming stove set for your home.


Buying a Stove When You Have the Time to Replace It

Of course, then there's your own schedule to consider. Many people keep cooking on a half-broken stove because it's better than not cooking at all. The daily routine has a way of ruling the kitchen and even a small interruption can send your routine into disarray. So plan for a time during the year when you can spend one to five days eating out and getting everyone outside the house so your reinstallation work can be done.

Make time in your schedule for a minor home renovation in the kitchen. Because stoves are emplaced, you will need to act very carefully when removing the kitchen cooktop and oven. This constitutes as minor renovations. So give yourself a nearby stay-cation while the kitchen is worked on and indulge in a few nice meals. Then head to the hardware store, get a free trial, and bring in a professional team to do the job.


Buying a New Stove In Time to Replace the Old Cooktop

But the most important timing issue for buying a stove is to have the new stove in place before the old stove fully dies. Don't forget that flickering low cas lines and uneven, unpredictable electric coils are a sign that the appliance is failing. It's important to have a new appliance before suddenly your home becomes unable to cook breakfast or dinner. This is your true clock and time limit Everything else is just an opportunity to get an even better deal on your new stove before necessity demands a stove replacement at home.


The best time to buy a new stove is when you, your kitchen, and your finances are ready. Contact us today to start strategizing a kitchen remodel involving one or more new appliances.

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