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Why Do People Build Dual-Basin Sinks in Bathrooms?

Dual-Basin Sinks

There are many ways to design a convenient and elegant bathroom. There are circular mirrors and wall-sized mirrors. 

You can choose a tub or a shower stall. You also have the choice of one or two basins for your bathroom sink. You've likely seen this design in many bathrooms before, often those designed for both luxury and functionality.

But you may be wondering, why exactly do people put two basins in their bathroom vanity?

As it turns out, there are some very good reasons, and not everyone designs their dual-basin sinks for the same purpose.


Dual Basins in the Master Bathroom

The most common place to see a dual-basin design is in the master bathroom. These are sometimes called a his-and-hers vanity design.

The basic idea is easy to see: one sink for each half of the couple so that they can use the bathroom vanity at the same time. But how does it really work?


- Your Side, My Side: Personal Sinks

We each want a few personal items near the sink: Toothbrush, hairbrush, makeup or shaving gear; and this stuff may not mesh well (or fit) next to your partner's personal effects.

Maybe one keeps a very tidy sink and the other likes it cluttered. Maybe one sink is for cleanliness and the other is for getting made up. Having two sinks allows a couple to have two different styles of self-care without conflict.


- Brushing Your Teeth Together

Have you ever wanted to brush your teeth at the exact same time as your partner? We all have, it's a natural part of going to bed or waking up with someone.

With two sinks, you can do that without sharing one stream of water, or even your elbows bumping.


- Simultaneous Morning and Evening Routines

Of course, the best part about a dual-basin master bathroom is that you can share your morning and evening routines. Going to bed together, you can both unwind, wash up, and get ready for bed.

Waking up, you can both get ready for work without getting in each other's way. Dual basins provide two spots for how-ever a couple wants to work together in the bathroom.


Dual Basins in the Kids/Guest Bathroom

Of course, dual basins aren't just for master bathrooms. You may also see a dual-basin sink design in hall bathrooms - designed to be shared by children or guests.

This may seem counter-intuitive until you realize how often a hall bathroom is used for multiple people to get ready, get clean, or share a bedtime all at once. Especially if you have children or regularly host friends.


- One Sink Is Never Sink-Hogging

When a family is getting ready in the morning, there's always one person who needs to spend a full half-hour at the sink. With two sinks, this finally isn't a disaster.

Your middle schooler adjusting their braces or your teen discovering makeup can still allow for everyone else to brush their teeth and tidy their hair for school.


- Plenty of Room for Mess (and Countertop Storage)

Kids stuff tends to spread over the bathroom counter. With a small counter, this overflows pretty fast. A dual-sink design almost always comes with extra counter space, which also means extra space for drawers, shelves, and racks for storage.

Even if your hall bathroom is shared by three or more people, there is enough room for everyone to place a few personal toiletries.


- Multi-Purpose Sink Stations

Finally, your dual sinks in the hall bathroom make it possible to set up multiple self-care stations. From family hairdressing to science experiments, you can count on the family to find uses for two sinks and counter space in-between.


Are you considering dual-basins for your bathroom remodel? Not sure if dual-basins are right for you? Contact us today to talk about what will make your bathroom perfect for you.

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