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How to Choose Kitchen Countertops - Part 2

Posted by Dianne Aucello on Fri, Jun 01, 2012 @ 03:30 PM

Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio is located north of Boston MA.  As an interior designer, we excel in our designs for  kitchens & baths.  We provide the cabinetry, countertops, hardware and tile.


This is the second part of a series on How to Choose your Kitchen Countertops.  These are the expanded options you can select from.   Again, there are pros and cons for each - cost, lead time, durability and maintenance.  The costs listed below are based on actual jobs.  Each top has its own special characteristics and needs to be quoted for you.



Europeans have used wood countertops throughout their kitchens for years.  If you can not tolerate the scratches and dents, it is best to be used for an accent piece or island.  Should be finished with an organic mineral oil or tung oil.  Wood is typically more expensive than granite.  Wide selection of woods used, vary in color and strength; from ash, maple, mahogany, teak to walnut.

Cost: Depending on specie & construction, can vary dramatically, $75 per sq foot and up

Lead time: Installs 2 - 3 weeks after template, islands can be pre-ordered

Durability: Depends on the wood specie, but be prepared for scratches

Maintenance: Tung oil to be applied as needed, when wood appears to be dried out.

Wood countertop

 This wood top is used at a hutch furniture piece.



Metal - Stainless Steel, Zinc, Copper

The metal is wrapped around a plywood substrate; must be templated.  An undermount sink can be punched through the sheet for a completely seamless top, or, to save on cost, a stainless sink can be welded into a cutout.  The stainless top offers a more contemporary look, while the zinc and copper is more informal, especially if a hammered finish is applied.

Cost: Starts at $175 per square foot, including substrate and welded edges and seams

Lead time: Installs 1 - 2 weeks after template

Durability: Highly durable, however, will show scratches on a plain finish; consider orbital finish

Maintenance: None available.  Must be able to live with the scratches.

There are stock sizes available from some vendors; cabinet sizes need to be chosen around the counter top sizes.


Stainless steel top

This stainless steel top works well for this traditional kitchen.





Templated and then poured off site, concrete tops are installed very similar to granite.  It is a solid surface, with a durable top coat.  For more information, see Concrete Countertop Kitchen

Cost: Starts at $115 per square foot, includes template and delivery

Lead time: Installs 1 - 2 weeks after template

Durability: Highly durable, although use a cutting board, as to not dull your knives

Maintenance: Will arrive sealed, no further maintenance necessary.

 How to choose kitchen countertops

This acid washed concrete countertop will be for an outdoor kitchen.



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Has these articles helped you narrow down your countertop selection?  Which aspect is most important to you - cost, lead time, durability or maintenance?  Still not sure?  Download our white paper: Kitchen Countertops - How to Choose the Correct Type for you!

How to choose a kitchen countertop


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