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10 Ways to Decorate with Remnant Marble and Stone Inlay - Pt 1

Remnant Marble and Stone Inlay

In kitchen renovations, installing a new countertop often means starting with a slab of granite or marble and having it cut to fit. What's left over is called remnant.

This remnant is the same stone, equally beautiful, in pieces that can be used for matching natural marble that was once part of your original slab. If you bought your entire slab to have fabricated, the remnant belongs to you, which means the freedom to decorate with it!

If you know about marble remnant, you can unify your home's decor with beautiful pieces used for inlay, trays, art pieces, and stone cladding all over the house. Here at Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio, we have helped to design and install many beautiful countertops - but marble remnants are among our favorite types of project because it's conserving, creative, and leads to beautifully unified design throughout the home.

Let's explore some of the most interesting, elegant,  and striking ways to use beautiful pieces of stone remnant to decorate your home.


1) Marble Wall-Mounted Headboard

Statement headboards have been evolving in style for centuries. One decade, woven and rattan headboards are in. Another trend, cushiony velvet headboards, are the height of luxurious bedroom decor. Natural stone, however, is timeless. If your bedroom design would look incredible with a beautiful slab of polished marble or granite has your wall-mounted headboard, then don't deny yourself this eye-catching luxury.

Whether you crave creamy white and gray Calacatta Marble or rich black and gold Portoro Marble for your headboard, a soft Rose Marble, or a luxurious green Verde Indio marble - you will love every view of your gorgeous bedroom and headboard.  


2) Spice Up the Coffee Table

You don't need inlay to make a coffee table or a sturdy set of drawers look beautiful. The right size piece of stone set in the center adds depth and texture to your space.  Create a long tray, like a table runner, or a larger piece about the size of an inlay. Or you can create small trays and place settings to make inviting displays on any side-table, sidebar, or coffee table in the house.


3) Inlaid Vertical Wall Panels

Did you know you can inlay marble or granite into the wall itself? Very thin slices of marble mounted to backboards are then set into wall panels for a truly breathtaking look in any home, business, or public venue. The wonderful thing about inlays is that they can be a fraction of the cost of an entire marble-clad wall while allowing you to mix your design elements like wood paneling, metallic accents, and painted finishes.

Vertical wall panels also give a room a sense of height as well as opulence. Taller rooms may benefit from narrow, more distantly spaced vertical inlay, while cozier rooms look best with wider rectangles, molding surrounds, and greater distance from the floor and ceiling.


4) Granite Fireplace Surround

Give your fireplace a palatial new look by cladding the surround in the perfect shade of granite. Bring your accent tones, and light fixture finishes to life with sparks of color in the granite's grain while allowing the slab to create its own powerful yet understated presence in the room. Sealed granite makes an excellent material for a fireplace surround because it is highly durable and least resistant. The sealant will ensure that soot does not get into the porous surface, while the granite itself takes care of resisting scratches and chips from a busy family lifestyle around the fireplace.

You can also clad your fireplace mantle in granite to give your family photos or chosen artwork a truly prestigious place of honor.


[Continued from Part 2]


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