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10 Ways to Decorate with Remnant Marble and Stone Inlay - Pt 2

Stone Inlay

[Continued from Part 1]


5) Book Ends and Shelf Stoppers

If you love bookcases in your home, you can use very small pieces of marble or granite remnant to create beautiful additions to your book displays. Everyone knows that book ends, those handy shelf sculptures that keep your books upright, are an elegant addition to your library space. But you can also use a small strip of beautiful stone inlay to create a stopper for your books or to tip the shelf ends for an eye-catching gleam from a distance.

Enhancing your bookshelves with both free-standing and inlaid stone can create a unique and enchanting space for both reading and artistic admiration.


6) Waterfall Bathtub Design

What about the new trend for flowing waterfall-style bathtubs? A waterfall counter is one where the marble flows from the top of the counter down to floor in a beautiful sheet of stone. A waterfall tub is a bathtub beautifully framed in natural stone that flows gracefully to the floor. All you need is to clad the exterior of your bathtub or build a frame that does the same for a seamless granite or marble bathroom design.  

Waterfall stone bathtub cladding also leads to an opportunity for inviting stone steps and bench seating around the tub itself. With smaller pieces of marble, you can provide just a taste of inlay or build small, delightful stone shelves above the bath to hold your soaps and scented candles.


7) Inlaid Sidebars and Banister

Marble and granite inlay don't have to stop at the walls. While inlaid panels of stone are most common in tabletops, you can use the same technique to create unparalleled elegance even in the small details. Inlay thin marble strips into your sideboards, built-in or free-standing, to create an exquisite piece that perfectly matches the theme of marble throughout your home. Inlay your coffee tables, built-in shelves, or a border along your hardwood dining table. Look for opportunities within 

You can even inlay little details like your staircase banister, adding one little strip of beautiful texture and subtle natural color into the rich wood finish.


8) Conference Room Wall Sculpture

Corporate design sometimes developed something truly beautiful and worth replicating in and out of the conference room. One of these is the style of a long horizontal visual piece that does not have to be a painting. Conference rooms often feature something unique, natural, and eye-catching without being distracting. Artistic glass-covered gardens, abstract tile mosaics, and sculpture made from pieces of marble and granite all create this beautiful decorating trend.


9) Luxury Office Desk Topper

Of course, corporate decor is coming back to the home office. If you have a strip of extra granite or creamy marble and have a home office, why not give yourself a touch of executive style? Commission a beautifully polished stone desktop for your home office. You can top a hardwood desk base, create an industrially executive desk with a steel frame, or even a classic L-shaped built-in desk as part of a home office renovation.


10) Textured Granite Waterfall Wall

We saved the best wall installation for last: A waterfall wall with natural textured granite in a color and grain that brings your entire space together. Open-plan decor, corporate design, and outdoor living can all be brought to new levels of relaxation and beauty with the soft trickle of water down an incredible piece of rough-cut natural granite.


Get Creative with Your Marble Remnant with Edesia Designer-Builders

Here at Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio, there's nothing we love more than a home renovation that is creative, beautiful, and useful all at once. That is exactly what you can achieve when you seek to make use of your remnant marble or granite after a new countertop is cut from your chosen slab. Contact us today to work with our designer-builders to discover the perfect places to incorporate your remnant marble throughout your home.

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