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5 Outdated Tile Trends That Are Letting Down Your Kitchen and Bathrooms

Outdated Tile Trends

It's a well-known truth of home design that tile trends come and go. The hottest tiling trend of 40 years ago can now be used to date a home like an archeological study. No one uses red rooster kitchen tiles anymore, and certain pastels are a clear sign of decades passed. For any tile trend, there is a moment at which it stops being fashionable and becomes ho-hum at best.

Are the current tiles in your kitchen or bathrooms letting down your otherwise stylish design? It's not out of the question. Many recent and even long-standing trends are on their way out.

Let's take a walk down memory lane and highlight five of the now outdated tile trends that would benefit from a style refresh during your next renovation.


1) Simple White Subway Tile

The subway tile has been considered a classic go-to tile for over a decade. However, it has finally become less than stunning as so many now-aging kitchen and bathroom designs are marked with this unremarkable tiling thoice. Simple white subway tiles laid out in a standard brick pattern just don't catch the eye and can now be used to date a kitchen or bathroom with styles gone by.

If you still love the simplicity of subway tile, consider different tiling techniques like a dynamic vertical herringbone, instead.


2) Muted Pastel Tile Designs

Nothing says 'outdated' like the wrong kind of pastel. Pastels come and go in the trends, but many older homes currently feature muted tile colors that reflect the designs of previous decades. This is especially true if your tiles are a pastel pink, teal, or powder blue.

Muted colors can be elegant, but current trends favor a more complex palette of dusty mauve, moss green, and cerulean blue, with an even stronger taste for bright, bold, and vibrant colors instead.


3) Glossy Glass Tiles

High-gloss ceramic and shiny glass tiles have been a hit in the past. But compared to the more sophisticated designs that are growing in popularity, glossy tiles tend to stand out as childish or even otentatious. Of course, they are also extremly easy to clean, so many homes currently have high-gloss tiles in either the kitchen or the bathroom. If you love your color palette, replacing your glossy tiles with similar tiles that have a matte finish can be ideal. Of course, this is also a golden opportunity to replace your previous tile design with something new and refined instead of the old gloss style.


4) Mosaic Tile Accent Strips

Mosaic tiles were recently quite popular. A mosaic tile design often features a mixture of different colors, usually in a random yet aesthetic arrangement. They were commonly used for backsplashes in kitchens and as accent strips in bathrooms, as the color blend is a little strong for a full tiled wall. However, this trend is on it's way out and those mosaic strips are now a signature of previous design trends.

You can still enjoy your tile accent strips, but choose a solid color or even artfully painted tiles instead of a bold mosaic.


5) Wall-to-Wall White Tiling

Last but not least, all-white is on it's way out again. As you likely know, all-white kitchens and even all-white bathrooms phase in and out of style. Current trends favor jewelbox and patterned designs over the clinical gleaming white-on-white tiling and paint designs. Fortunately, all-white bathrooms and kitchens are easy to fix by choosing literally any colore palette at all to replace the blinding white surface selection.


Discover The Latest Tiling Trends with Edesia

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen or bathrooms in the near future, Edesia Kitchen &  Bath Studio can help you identify the latest trends and remove those outdated features of your previous design. Discover the stylish potential of your spaces with trending tile and much more by working with our designer-builders to reinvent your most-used home spaces. Contact us today to consult on your vision for on-trend updates.


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