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15 Things That Make Your Bathroom Look Dated.

Bathroom Look Dated

While modernity isn't a holy grail that should hold all your aspirations -- there's nothing wrong with your home hosting the vintage or secondhand -- what we do want to avoid is a trend past its prime. We've all been guilty of being caught up in the hype of something, only to have it flounder once our trend-tinted glasses have been removed. Bathroom design is no exception.

Here we're examining fifteen things that make your bathroom look dated so you can move on from trends that aren't making your home a better place to live.

Carpet Floors

In a room as wet as the bathroom, you have to wonder: why did they ever put a carpet in there? This blast from the past is not a welcome sight as it may belie mold and bacteria lurking in its fibers. Not only will removing your carpet give your bathroom a fresh look, it will also give you a more hygienic experience!

Dirty and Damaged Grout

Naturally, the regular wear and tear of everyday life will grind grout down. Unfortunately, in this case, age is not synonymous with beauty and your grout looking like it's seen better days -- either from damage or lack of cleaning -- can contribute to your bathroom feeling not just dated, but uncared for. It's time to give it a scrub or redo the grout to liven up the room!

The Olive Garden Theme

There's nothing inherently wrong with Olive Garden or Tuscany, but we have to admit that a Tuscan themed bathroom smacks hard of the early 2000s in a way that doesn't feel good in the 2020s. It's time to replace the faux limestone and marble and pick a paint color that isn't beige. Consider incorporating remnant marble or stone inlay.

Frosted Glass

The bathroom of today is all about cultivating a sleek, spacious appearance. Anathema to that design is the frosted glass door. Heavy and bulky, with a style long past due, its presence can contribute to the sense that your space belongs in the past. If you replace it with a frameless shower door, you will create a brighter look that feels better suited for the modern design palate.

Acrylic Tubs

Acrylic doesn't hold up as well over time, with wear and tear doing their worst to your tub and making it look as worn as a far older tub of another material. Consider swapping with a cast iron tub for their durability and longevity.

Fluorescent Lighting

The 1980s called and they're giving you a sight for sore eyes. Literally. Fluorescent lighting can cause eye strain and blurred vision. It's better to opt-out of this trend.

Hollywood Lights

You may be the star of the show, but this design fixture is no longer selling you on stage.  Replace with timeless brass sconces for a look that never goes out of season.

Overhead Mirror Lights

Similar to the previous trend, this mirror lighting should stay as "just a phase" in place of sconces that flank the mirror. Highly functional, twin sconces are here to stay, giving your space an ageless look. Consider ambient lighting to eliminate bathroom shadows.

Laminate Counters

Suffering from the dating effect of glossy material, laminate countertop pulls like a time machine back to the 1940s-60s. There are plenty of options for high quality countertops and it's high time we left the laminate option in the past.

Faded Towels

Your bathroom accessories are not exempt from wear and tear. Just like with your hardware, when towels start to become faded and tattered, it's time for a refresh!

A Cracked Tub or Sink

Any time you have a cracked tub or sink, it will contribute to the room feeling aged and worn. Degraded surfaces are often caused by using the wrong cleaner. It's important to know what kind of cleaner is best to use on the material of your tub and sink.

Tarnished Brassware

As with so many things, the fatigue of daily use will lead to an overall sense of deterioration without replacements or refreshing. When possible, invest in high specification brassware to avoid the stains and tarnishes that accompany poor-quality brass finishes.

Retro Wood Paneling

The dark wood paneling typical of the 1970s can be a real boon elsewhere in the home, lending a coziness and warmth, but inside the bathroom it's strikingly out of place.

Wall-to-Wall White

The stark almost brutalist trend of all white bathrooms, once fashionable and desired by home buyers and sellers alike, now places itself squarely in the rearview mirror. Add some color to your bathroom with timeless accents of black and gold.

Glass Block Windows

Once an inspired design choice that allowed for the filtering in of natural light without the sacrifice of privacy, now gone the way of most things from the previous century, glass block windows are a trend best left in the 1900s. Glass block windows tend to srhink the space due to their foggy appearance. 

At Edesia we're committed to bringing you timeless design strategies and style tips so that you can live in a home you love. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your bathroom renovation.

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