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6 Tips on How to Refresh a Kitchen for Spring

 Refresh a Kitchen for Spring

As winter comes to an end and spring begins, giving your home a little spring fresh can be a good idea to welcome the warmer season. 

And being the most used and abused space in the house, your kitchen can be an excellent place to start. So, what improvements can you make to change your kitchen from a cozy winter design to a spring-themed space? 

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Whether you choose to repaint or rearrange this common area, there is no limitation to what you can do to refresh your kitchen for spring. Here are a few tips to help prepare your kitchen area for the warmer days ahead:  

Repaint and touch up

Spring is all about color and life, and doing a little paint job can go a long way in giving your kitchen a colorful and lively feel. Depending on your preferences, you can consider using brighter and lighter tones, and be sure to pick a theme that compliments the room. Remember to do a paint job on the cabinets and cupboards to give them a new and fresh look. 

Giving the surfaces (whether wood finishes or painted) a good scrub can also help to brighten the kitchen. For your wood surfaces, reviving them with oils can work to keep them looking shiny.    

Out with the old 

Indeed, you are not ready for spring until you have done some thorough cleaning and decluttering in your kitchen. This is where you get rid of everything stale or past the expiry date to create room for fresh items. Move on to the cupboards and remove anything that sits gathering dust because you'll probably not need it in the spring. 

Whether it is food items or old utensils, getting rid of everything you no longer have use for can help create more space to store fresh and hopefully healthy items. 

Add color

Dull kitchens can feel unwelcoming, especially during spring when everything else looks bright. To bring life to this space, you can invest in some indoor plants or, even better, create your own indoor herb garden if the space allows. 

In addition to plants, you can incorporate accessories like candles, flower vases, or storage jars to accentuate the room. This will be sure to give your kitchen a look you a new look. 

Scrub appliances and sinks

Sinks and appliances tend to get dirty and rusty due to constant use. In preparation for spring, take time to give them a good scrub, and be sure to use environmental-friendly cleaning products to safeguard your family's health. You sure don't want to welcome a new season with the same dirty and clogged sinks, do you?  

Proper cleaning of appliances and kitchen equipment is not only important in brightening your space but also in getting rid of germs that can cause health problems at home.   

Add spring scents

As winter departs and spring begins, you will notice fresh spring flowers blossoming everywhere. This is the perfect time to fill your vases with flowers and branches to refresh your favorite space in your home. Adding scented candles alongside your flowers is an excellent way to keep your kitchen scented and welcoming. 

Also, now that the weather is no longer cold or chilly, you can keep your windows open to help revive your kitchen after so many days of winter cold. 

Get fresh towels

Spring is a good time to toss your old and grungy kitchen towels to replace them with new linen hand ones. And while you probably wash and properly maintain your current ones regularly, there is no harm in treating yourself to new towels once in a while. From your tea towels to tablecloths and napkins, getting some new towels is certainly a wonderful way to refresh a kitchen for spring. 


Refreshing your kitchen for spring does not have to be an arduous task. With these tips, you have the requisite tools to transform your kitchen into a space you are sure to enjoy with your family and guests. 

If you need help refreshing your kitchen, Edesia Kitchen and Bath Studio can offer the insight and expertise you need to transform it into a space that suits your needs and preferences. Contact us today to learn more about kitchen interior designs. 

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