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Kitchen Styles Explained: Transitional, Contemporary, & Modern Farmhouse

Kitchen Styles Explained

If you're considering remodeling your kitchen, you may be wondering what style you should choose. The truth is, there are many styles to choose from that can all be adjusted based on your wants and needs, but figuring out what style is right for you can feel overwhelming. If you don't know where to start, here are three popular kitchen styles explained.

Contemporary Kitchens

In interior design, contemporary generally refers to what is currently in style and what was recently in style. It is sometimes confused with modern design, which refers to a specific style similar to contemporary. Some contemporary kitchens do include many modern elements, while others take on a more timeless appearance.

Contemporary kitchens use the functional and streamlined surfaces popular in modern design, with traditional elements for a sleek but livable appearance. The contemporary kitchen is clean and simple but can incorporate some elements of traditional design. Remember that contemporary design is usually what is "in the now", so take inspiration from what is currently trending, but modify it to your own preferences. 


Popular Contemporary Kitchen Elements

  • Simple white cabinetry with clean lines.
  • Dark wood or interesting tiles for the floors.
  • Stainless steel or white appliances.
  • Modern lighting.
  • Light-colored countertops.
  • Large center island.
  • Traditional or modern hardware


Transitional Kitchens

Transitional kitchens incorporate a mix of traditional and contemporary designs. Traditional and contemporary styles are combined to create a modern yet warm and inviting look. Because transitional kitchens are a mix of styles, it's easy to modify this style to be more traditional or more contemporary, depending on your personal preferences. 

Every transitional kitchen looks different. How you choose to style your transitional kitchen is up to you. The options are truly limitless. If you want to create a more contemporary look, opt for clean lines, minimalist hardware, and a neutral color palette. If you want a more traditional look, consider more ornate hardware, darker wood tones, and tiling. 


Popular Transitional Kitchen Elements

  • Shaker cabinets for a timeless, clean look.
  • Center island, which may be a different color than the cabinets.
  • Contemporary hardware.
  • Recessed lighting and traditional pendant lighting.
  • Simple color scheme, with texture and accent colors added throughout.
  • Stainless steel appliances.


Modern Farmhouse Kitchens

Modern Farmhouse kitchens blend rustic, farmhouse elements with modern and contemporary designs. The Modern Farmhouse is designed to feel like living in the relaxing countryside, without feeling like you're living in a barn. Modern Farmhouse kitchens can look very modern with a few farmhouse elements, or they can lean more heavily into the farmhouse design with a touch of modern.

This style is extremely versatile and can be easily customized based on your preferences. The kitchen is the heart of a country home, and the Modern Farmhouse style takes advantage of this. The kitchen in a Modern Farmhouse home is designed to be a place of comfort, reminding us of homemade comfort foods and gatherings of family and friends.


Popular Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Elements

  • Natural materials like wood bring in warmth.
  • A neutral color palette of whites, off-white, and tans.
  • Vintage and rustic decor.
  • Farmhouse sinks.
  • Grays, sage green, or subtle blues as accent colors.


Renovating Your Kitchen with Edesia

If you've been inspired by one of the above kitchen designs, Edesia can help make your dream kitchen a reality. If you're ready to work with one of our design experts, contact us today to schedule a consultation.


Download our free Kitchen Planning Guide to learn about the major factors to prepare for your kitchen renovation. Let our professionals help you design and create your dream kitchen today. 

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