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7 Creative Ideas for Making Your Bathroom Space Look (and Feel) Bigger

Making Your Bathroom Space

If you own a small bathroom, you know how frustrating and inconvenient it gets sometimes. Every few minutes inside feels like torture, and you secretly wish to knock down the walls before your next bath.

Luckily, there's a way to maximize your bathroom space through creative design. The idea is to add "visual size" to the washing space without adding square footage.

bathroom planning guide

Read along as we help you turn those boxed, half-baths, and just too small bathrooms into less boxed, more thrilling situations. Your tiny bathroom might just be your next favorite spot.


1. Dial-Up The Size of Your Mirror

A large mirror can double the visual size of your bathroom by reflecting more light into the space. So, it's prudent to invest in one that fits perfectly with your wall.

You can hang a frameless rectangular mirror for optimum coverage or consider a large circular option for a stylishly high-end look. Either way, keep in mind that size is KING.


2. Light Up Your Space

When you have only one light bulb hanging over the ceiling, your bathroom could feel a little drab and dingy.

Start by decluttering the windowsill to let in natural light. If this doesn't work, consider incorporating soft, subtle LED lighting effects.

Place light bulbs over a sink or under a bath panel. Alternatively, use ceiling downlights to achieve an airy and high-tech feel.


3. Create the Illusion Of Height

Another hack to make your bathroom feel bigger is to raise the ceiling visually.

Consider replacing large crown molding with tapered crown molding. This is because dark, heavy crown molding will naturally overpower a tiny room.


4. Go Back to The Basics

What do you really need in a typical bathing space? Absolutely- you need a sink, a toilet, and a shower. Anything else is clutter, so be strict with what you need, especially if you lack space.

Ditch anything that lies on the floor- toilet paper, toothbrush holder, etc.- and figure out how to get these up on the walls.


5. Keep the Bathtub/Shower Visible

When it comes to curtain options for your shower/bathtub, go for clear fabrics.

An obvious mistake that most homeowners make is creating an opaque barrier between the bathtub/shower and the rest of the bathing space.

Yes, a bathtub or shower might take up the most space in your tiny bathroom, but the situation won't really improve if you cover them with opaque curtains. If you don't like the idea of hanging clear curtains, go for transparent glass doors instead.


6. Use A Space-Magnifying Color Scheme

Another simple way to make a bathroom look and feel bigger is to execute a space-enlarging color scheme.

You can opt for an all-white color scheme: a white vanity, white spray, white tile, etc. Soft pastels and neutrals in lighter shades are efficient, too.

While an-all white color scheme can make any room look bigger, it's particularly efficient in the bathroom. It naturally retreats, making your bathroom as vast as possible.


7. Decorate With Photos

OK, this might sound a bit odd, but we're not joking!

Personalize your small bathroom with a few captivating photos. If placed correctly, photos can become key accessories in your limited space.

You can hang your favorite throwback photo, a landscape of your dream destination, or perhaps a collection of your high school moments. Even in a cramped bathroom, a personal touch will exude pleasurable feelings while you're unwinding or getting ready for a new day.


Wrapping Up

By following these easy hacks, you can transform your tiny space into a gasp-worthy, practical, and airy bathroom. You'll leave a positive impression on your guests, all while enjoying the benefits of a small and spruced-up space where everything is in place.

Need help with your next bathroom remodeling project? Schedule a quick consultation with one of our experts, and we'll help assess your options.

bathroom planning guide

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