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7 Minimalist Bathroom Ideas to Create a Clean, Modern Look

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas

Minimalism has been on-trend in contemporary home design for several years. With its sleek, elegant design, minimalism strips a space back to its bare essentials to create a look that's clean and light.

Invoking the calm serenity of a spa, minimalism is the perfect design choice for any bathroom. Less is more when it comes to minimalism, so you'll have to be strategic when it comes to designing your perfect modern bathroom.


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Here are 7 minimalist bathroom ideas to help you achieve a clean, modern look.


Build a Neutral Palette

Most minimalist designs tend to stick to a limited palette of neutral colors. White, light gray, and other neutral tones help a space appear larger and brighter while creating a relaxing atmosphere. Sticking to a limited palette will give your bathroom a cohesive look and a spa-like feel.


Incorporate Natural Elements

To warm up your bathroom space and heighten the luxury spa feel, incorporate natural elements that complement your neutral palette. Using natural wood tones can bring warmth to an otherwise sparse space and can be used in a variety of ways. Try using durable wood like teak or bamboo for cabinetry, a shower floor, or even as an accent wall.


Maximize storage to Stay Clutter-Free

To truly embody the spirit of minimalism, you'll want to keep your bathroom counters clear of clutter. Look for ways to add extra storage to your bathroom design so you can maintain clear sleek lines, while also keeping your space functional.

A wall-mounted medicine cabinet with an interesting design can be a great choice if space is limited. Plus it can pull double duty as both storage and a focal art piece for the space.


Use Simple, but Interesting Lighting

It's important to take opportunities to add interest to your bathroom while still keeping to a minimalist style. Incorporating a statement lighting fixture can help elevate the space and add a touch of sophistication.

A unique pendant light or stylish sconces around the mirror can add important lighting to the space, while also giving you an opportunity to add a touch of personality to your overall design.


Consider a Squared-off Sink

Minimalism is all about simplicity. To give your sink space a simple, modern edge, opt for a squared-off sink. The sharp lines and square corners will give your bathroom a modern touch, while the sleek design maintains the simplicity and sophistication of minimalism.


Feature Unique Fixtures

Keeping your bathroom decor minimal doesn't mean it has to look boring or devoid of special touches. Making use of unique fixtures can be a great way to add interesting detail and bring a bit of brightness to a design.

Incorporating metals like copper, brass, or gold is a simple but effective way to add a subtle elegance to your bathroom. Just make sure to stick to clean lines that fit in with a modern minimalist look.


Make Your Mirror a Focal Point

For a simple way to upgrade your bathroom to a more minimal, modern look, consider upgrading to a statement mirror that's both functional and works as an art piece.

A mirror in an organic or asymmetrical shape can be a great way to add a bit of difference to an otherwise simple bathroom design. Large or floor-length mirrors can help reflect light around the room, adding to the airy feel of a minimalist design while also making a small space appear larger.

Developing a minimalist style in your bathroom doesn't have to be a stressful undertaking. Pay attention to the details and keep these tips in mind and you'll soon be on your way to the soothing at-home spa of your dreams.

If you're still not sure if minimalism is right for you, check out these other current trends in bathroom design for a spark of inspiration.

If you need a little extra help planning your next bathroom design, our team at Edesia is here for you. Contact us today to start building your perfect bathroom.

bathroom planning guide

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