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Avoiding Problem Contractors: All You Need to Know

Avoiding Problem Contractors

Everyone has that dream house they envision. Creating it through new construction or a home remodel is an exciting yet colossal endeavor. There are numerous factors to consider, such as selecting the right contractor. With tons of professionals in the market today, it may seem like looking for the perfect needle in a stack of needles. Your contractor can make or break your undertaking - so how do you go about avoiding problem contractors?


Hiring a contractor is often the hardest - and most crucial - part of any homeowner's redesign project. After all, you'd want to avoid living on a construction site or sleeping in a hotel room for longer than anticipated. You may not always have the best intuition when hiring professionals, but keeping an eye on a few red flags will assist you in making the right decision.


Here are some tell-tale signs of contractors that will turn your renovation project into a nightmare:

Nonexistent or non-verifiable licenses and credentials

To legally do any construction project, a contractor must possess a valid practicing license and other supporting credentials such as insurance. It shows that they have completed an accredited program and are qualified to handle such projects.

No matter how good a reputation the local "man for the job" may have, he's not the one if he doesn't have a valid practicing license and insurance cover. 

Ensure your contractor's names match those in the licenses and other documentation they may provide. Some may use someone else's credentials to convince you of their legitimacy, and you may find that they either lack the proper building permits or have had theirs revoked due to poor workmanship.

Inconsistency and unpredictability during preliminary stages

Does the contractor continually miss meetings and phone calls and comes up with dubious excuses? Perhaps you've met them under the influence more than once. What will happen once you ink the deal and the same person is in charge of your kitchen remodel

Something may be up with their professionality. A reliable contractor will always be punctual, true to their word, and reachable. The success of your home projects depends on ethics, reliability, and professionalism.

Unclear or extremely low estimates

Usually, homeowners are worried about the prices being higher than usual. After all, you need to keep your construction project on budget. However, you need to take time and figure out how your potential contractor comes up with the project estimates. Are they using real-world figures or guessed numbers?

Realizing your dream home isn't about choosing the cheapest method but getting real value for money. Cheap can be expensive, and monitoring this aspect is critical in avoiding a financial panic mid-project.

Terrible reviews

Giving a contractor the benefit of the doubt isn't always bad. However, you need to do your research first. These days, you can find everything online - and with a few clicks, you can see whether your contractor has any dirt on them. Multiple bad reviews that point out aspects of professionalism are a definite red flag.

No reviews may also be a red flag, showing that the contractor hasn't been in business for long or has something to hide. Reviews will give you an idea of whether the contractor satisfies the client's needs and whether they are a worthy investment.

No warranty offers for their work

If a contractor doesn't offer you a warranty for work done, chances are, you won't be happy with it. Let's face it: you wouldn't want to invest hard-earned money on a project just to rip it down and start again immediately after it's completed.

New constructions and home remodels are a considerable investment; as such, you need assurance that it won't go down the drain. A construction warranty will provide such guarantees.

Legitimacy is key

When hiring a contractor, ensure you've covered all aspects of professionalism and legitimacy before inking a deal. Hiring a trusted contractor means trusting your home project will turn out exactly as planned. Contact us today if you're looking for premium bathroom and kitchen remodeling solutions.

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