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Bathroom Cabinets Buying Guide.

Bathroom Cabinets guide

When remodeling your bathroom, your choice in cabinets will shape your entire experience. Where you put your toothbrush, towels, and toiletries will define the flow from your morning routine to luxurious personal relaxation. Cabinets provide you surfaces, storage, and can become the bulk of your visual decor. This also means that the style of your bathroom cabinets is a central element to bathroom design.


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What kind of cabinets should your bathroom have? This article will help you explore your options and make the right choice for your upcoming bathroom remodel.  


Bathroom Cabinet Basics

A bathroom vanity is typically between 31 and 33.5 inches tall, and between 18 to 20 inches deep. Below the sink, you will need enough space for plumbing and occasional maintenance tasks, while all other space can be allocated to drawers, shelves, and enclosed cabinetry based on your personal organizational preferences.  

The typical width for a bathroom vanity ranges from 24 inches to 60 inches, but this can vary depending on your bathroom style. Dual-sink countertops will have a wider vanity, while pedestal-style sinks will have minimal counterspace. You might choose a wrap-around style or border your vanity space with taller cabinets for more complete storage options within the bathroom.


Vanity Cabinets vs. Vertical Storage

The countertop in your bathroom is called the vanity, as it where most people keep get ready for the day. Vanity cabinets often have drawer and shelf space for personal care and beauty products, for this reason. Vertical cabinets in the bathroom are more likely used to organize towels, extra toiletries, and other larger storage items that are kept in the bathroom.

Vertical storage can have open shelving for easy-grab towels or create a more uniform aesthetic with cabinet doors. Tall bathroom cabinets give you plenty of room to store all the supplies you need, especially in a family bathroom that sees high traffic and stores items for multiple people.


Built-In vs. Free-Standing Cabinets

Another variation in bathroom cabinet design is the difference between built-in and free-standing cabinets. Most bathrooms feature built-in cabinets made of hardwood or pressed hard-board. However, free-standing cabinets can offer a more antique, luxury, or cozy look in which your cabinets are separate storage furniture, possibly refurbished from a previous life. This includes sink/vanity designs with separate feet instead of being built up from the floor. 


Face-Frame vs. Faceless Cabinet Design

For built-in cabinets, you have the choice between cabinets with face-frames and faceless cabinets. Most US cabinet makers provide face-frame designs. The face-frame is varnished solid wood used as an attractive cap to the edges of the pressed-board cabinet sides. Frace-frame cabinets tend to have a minimal backing or no backing at all facing the wall. The door will either close flush into the setting or sit atop it providing a layered front face when closed.

Faceless or European-style cabinets are built like boxes, and the edges of the board or hardwood cabinets are finished instead. Faceless cabinets are more likely to have a solid back panel as part of the box, and the door closes flat over the front of the cabinet.


Choosing Your Vanity Countertop

The crowning detail of new bathroom cabinetry is a new vanity countertop. Bathrooms can style countertops of any material, from concrete to polished steel to sealed natural stone.  Choose a style that is both elegant and efficient. Just ensure that the material or it's finish is waterproof to prevent the risk of damage and discoloration from regular splashes and humidity.


Design Your New Bathroom Cabinets with Edesia

If you are planning a bathroom remodel, don't settle for flat-pack cabinets or the hassle of separate installers for every feature. Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio can complete your renovation entirely in-house, from the design phase to the finishing touches. This includes helping you choose and customize the perfect bathroom cabinets for your style and the freedom of efficient storage. Contact us today to discuss your bathroom remodel vision.


bathroom planning guide

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