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6 Tips for Your Bathroom Remodel Prep

Bathroom Remodel Prep

A bathroom remodel can be a daunting project to undertake. Although your bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in your house, fixing up the space can be costly and may cause a major disruption to routines. Fortunately, preparing before you start your bathroom remodel can help you to stay on schedule, minimize expenses and lower stress. This will go a long way in ensuring the project is successful.

Here are 6 tips for your bathroom remodel prep.


A typical bathroom remodeling project has many moving parts. One late arrival or delivery can throw the entire project off course. This is why you will want to ensure that all materials and specialty subcontractors will be there when they should.  

Early in the design process, talk to your general contractor about lead times and your schedule, and ensure that you are on the same page. Knowing the lead times for every piece of your project will enable you to plan your start date accordingly. You will also be able to track construction progress better.  


Before you do anything, put together a financial plan for the remodel. Because a budget sets your limits, it is important to figure out what you will include and leave out of your remodel. Remember to establish a realistic remodel budget based on your financial circumstances and ensure you are in agreement with your bathroom contractor regarding the budget.

Typically, your budget should include the cost of materials and all the labor costs associated with your project. It is also important to add a contingency budget to take care of any unforeseen costs that may arise in the course of the project. Setting a budget and sticking to it will help you avoid cost overruns.  


Before work begins, have a thorough talk with your contractor about details of the construction process. For instance, you may want to know how many people you will have coming into your home once the remodeling process begins.

Other issues you should discuss include how the contractor plans to handle construction dust, equipment storage and cleanup, and protect your property from damage. Lastly, talk about child and pet safety. Be sure to express your expectations and ask any questions you may have. That way, you will know what to expect during the remodel. 


Your bathroom remodel may affect your privacy and morning routine while it is in progress. Once you have developed a realistic timeline for the remodel, plan for no bathroom access for the duration. Depending on the circumstances, this may include using a second bathroom, getting yourself a makeshift bathroom and creating other temporary spaces.

If you will be sharing a bathroom, consider creating a bathroom schedule for everyone in your home. This will help you avoid inconveniences and unnecessary conflict. Lastly, have a backup plan in case things do not go as expected.  


When sharing a bathroom, shower supplies and towels can quickly accumulate in the limited space. Before the professionals arrive, be sure to streamline your shower and bath products. These include washcloths, soaps, razors, shampoos, body wash and towels. Consider reducing your supplies or finding extra storage for the items. 

Planning for how people will function while sharing a bathroom will help to keep the shared room clean and organized. That way, you can reduce frustration and stress. 


The mess and stress associated with a bathroom remodel can be overwhelming. When everything seems too much to handle, focus on the result. Remind yourself that the inconvenience and discomfort is temporary and that the results will ultimately be worthwhile. This will help you survive the remodel and make the most of it. 

With proper planning and trained professionals to handle your project, the bathroom remodeling process will be more manageable. At Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio, we can help with your kitchen or bath remodel. Our experts will design your dream kitchen or bathroom with your life and family in mind. Contact us now to schedule a consultation.


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