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Tips To Consider Before a Bathroom Remodel

You probably moved into a new apartment and the bathroom is worn out. Or you have used your bathroom for long, and over the years, it has lost its appeal. 

Either way, the only way to deal with the broken tiles and damaged fixtures is to carry out a remodel. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you initiate the process. 

For sure, bathroom remodel can be an expensive affair, especially if you are considering a complete overhaul. The good news is, with the knowledge of what to expect, what not to forget, and the key things to consider, you can end up with a bathroom you desire. 

Here are tips to consider before a bathroom remodel:  


Design your space

Before you get on with remodeling your bathroom, you need to develop a plan and design of how you want the bathroom to look like. Here, it is advisable to involve a professional who can assess the available space to see how you can maximize it and advise on a design that blends with the rest of your house.

A professional designer will also help to identify the basic features you may have overlooked and give you better ideas to ensure the final product matches your expectations. Remember, this is a space you will use for a long time, so don't compromise on anything.  


Determine the material you will use 

Whether it's the tiles or wall finishes, the material comes in different forms and from different brands. Before upgrading your bathroom, make sure you have done your research to determine what is suitable for your bathroom. For example, when shopping around for tiles, check for the material, appearance, and texture, and how different tiles suit your bathroom.  

You also need to pay attention to the bathroom fixtures when choosing material; shower enclosures, tubs, and other features will vary in size depending on factors such as space and design. Again, an expert can help guide you on what's best for your bathroom.   


The cost of the bathroom remodel      

The cost of remodeling has to be one of the most fundamental factors. To avoid overspending or leaving out essential details, a professional designer can give a budget estimate to ensure you don't go over what you wish to spend. With a rough estimate, you know what to trim down or add to fit the budget. 

If you don't have enough money to upgrade all the features you want, you can substitute some features with cheaper ones and upgrade later. Also, consider what you can leave out for now and add in the future once you have your finances in order (such as storage cabinets). 


The water 

You cannot successfully finish remodeling your bathroom without taking into consideration the aspect of water. For example, there are a variety of faucets and shower fixtures to choose from. Typically, they are categorized depending on price, quality, flow and consumption rate, material, and availability of repair parts. If your budget allows, go for quality products that are sure to last and serve you for longer. 

Remember also to check your existing plumbing to see whether it needs repair or replacement. If so, a plumber can help you fix it to keep it from leaking and damaging your flooring. 


Lighting, ventilation, and electrical

Ventilation and lighting are necessary considerations in your bathroom upgrade. Ideally, they determine the overall feel of the space and also affect the appearance of the finishes and other features therein. Don't forget the windows in relation to how they let in light and affect the bathroom in different weathers.  


Getting a contractor   

Different contractors have different methods of working, varying charges and costs, and different working hours. Look for a contractor who will work within your budget and can offer quality services. Also, ask about additional costs and if they offer any discounts. As the most expensive repair per square foot, bathroom remodels can be rather costly, so you need to make sure you get the best deal in town. 

Certainly, bathroom remodeling is something you will have to do now or in the near future. With these tips, you are all set to begin your remodeling to enjoy the bathroom of your dreams.    

Are you looking for experts to help you remodel your bathroom? Edesia Kitchen and Bath Studio are here to help. Our professional designers will guide you throughout the process to ensure you have a bathroom you have always wanted. Contact us to talk to one of our members. 

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