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Tips for Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

Today's Blog is from Anne Marie DiMatteo from Moodscapes, a landscape design company serving Eastern Massachusetts.

One of the enjoyable aspects of summer in Massachusetts is being able to take in the wonderful relaxing outdoors, and what better way than having an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens are easy, affordable and can include outdoor ovens, fireplaces, refrigerators, and even an accompaniment of outdoor speakers to accent the moment.

Your outdoor kitchen should allow for maximum utilization of the entire area, while allowing you the ability to access the indoor kitchen easily for added convenience.

Designing Outdoor Kitchen Size.

When you are designing your outdoor kitchen getaway, consider that you will need enough space to accommodate your sink, grill/ stove, and necessary storage area.

Just as you would be mindful concerning kitchen safety in doors, you must practice the same amount of care in building and operating in your outdoor kitchen as well.

Kitchen size is key in designing your outdoor kitchen, so be mindful of cooking, and workflow space when you are having it built.

Include Sufficient Counter Space.

Imagine the amount of counter space needed to prepare meals, and then determine what a sufficient amount of counter space is needed in your outdoor kitchen.

Before you engage in designing your outdoor kitchen counter space, consider speaking with area experts who have experience in designing outdoor kitchens in Massachusetts.  

Keep Maintenance Low.

Purchase outdoor kitchen materials, such as your counters, patio and deck materials as well as your outdoor modular units, stove and refrigeration units in stainless steel. These surfaces are resistant to harsh outside elements and weather and are easy to clean and maintain.

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