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How to Attract More Birds to Your Kitchen Window

Birds to Your Kitchen Window

Bird watching from your kitchen window is one of nature's greatest delights. There is something special about being so close to those delicate feathered creatures as they flit, perch, and chirp at each other. 

You can enjoy their presence while you wash dishes, go through daily food prep, and learn to whistle their favorite chirps. If you've ever had a window excellently positioned for bird watching, you know this joy. The secret is that you can enjoy bird watching from any window with the right approach.

Whether your kitchen window would be a happier place with a few birds or you're looking to increase your daily bird-watching delight, you can. Here at Edesia, we are pros at designing the perfect kitchen. But we also have a few other tricks up our sleeve. Here are some of the best ways to attract beautiful, vibrant birds outside your kitchen window.


Pick Your Viewing Angle

The first step is to determine what you can see from your window. The perfect bird-viewing arrangement allows your birds to gather on a feeder several feet (5-25) away from the home. Your kitchen window combined with your height and usual patterns of movement will determine the perfect range of locations to place your bird feeder and delight in the birds who arrive.  


Give Birds a Place to Perch

Next, give your birds a place to perch. Not all windows have a big welcoming window box or even a wide window ledge to place a feeder on, which is OK. The best bird feeder locations are 5-25 feet away from your window - on a pole or hanging from a tree - so that birds feel safe and distant when they gather to eat and play.

Giving your birds a place to perch helps them to stick around and may encourage your little friends to come more often. A suction-cup feeder ledge on your window, for example, can bring the braver birds beautifully up-close and personal.


Hang a Bird Feeder Outside Your Window

Birds will come to your window if they know there is food. The longer you provide available birdseed, the more birds will learn of the bounty. You can place a clear suction cup feeder on the outside of your window for a delightful bird feeding and watching experience. mix up your birdseed based on the season and clean the feeder every few days. The feeder gives birds a place to perch and a reason to gather. If you love to watch birds socialize together, then a large birdfeeder is your ideal answer. A small bird feeder is likely to be dominated by a smaller group of presiding birds.


Place Non-Reflective Decals on the Window Glass

You can also make your window more welcoming with decals that make the window safer for your new feathered friends. Birds can get injured when windows are too clean (and bird-watching benefits from clean windows). This is especially true if you have more than one story above ground, making it more likely that birds will try to fly through. Fortunately, a little glass tint cover can completely alter this response. This is your chance to choose a fun or beautiful image to place on your window glass for your daily enjoyment and bird safety.


Want to see more birds outside your kitchen window? So do we! Here's how to attract birds so that you can see them from any window in your home. Just one or two of these tips can really help to increase the number of birds outside your lovely kitchen window to make every breakfast prep into a birdwatcher's paradise. For more great tips on designing yourself the perfect kitchen experience, contact us today. 


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