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Summer is the Perfect Time for an Outdoor Kitchen Renovation

Outdoor Kitchen Renovation

Outdoor living is one of the biggest renovation trends in the last few years, especially outdoor kitchens. An Outdoor kitchen promises many afternoon luncheons and evenings under the stars. It's the perfect excuse to host summertime parties and to have your morning coffee in the quiet of your back garden. Of course, an outdoor kitchen can also be quite the extensive project. You will want to consider utility lines, appliances, countertops and cabinet space, as well as shade and weatherproofing. 

Outdoor kitchens call for outdoor dining, and invite an indoor-outdoor flow from your home. Some have window pass-throughs to your main kitchen, some have expansive double-doors to the living room, and some double as a solarium with semi-enclosed spaces. The one thing all outdoor kitchens have in common is that summer is the best time to build them.


Summer is the Season for Outdoor Renovations

You might already know that summer is the prime season for outdoor renovations, while colder weather is often reserved for entirely indoor projects. This is because summer is the best season to identify long stretches of warm temperatures and clear weather. Your renovation team will have the best possible conditions to lay the foundation or build the deck for your outdoor kitchen, lay the utility lines, construct the cabinetry, and build your kitchen's shelter in the clear sunny days of summer - between the spring rains and autumn storms.


Envisioning Your Outdoor Kitchen in the Perfect Weather

Summer is also the perfect time for outdoor kitchen design. You will be experiencing the same conditions in which your kitchen is meant to be enjoyed. Working with your team in the summer sun, you will realize that you absolutely must have ceiling fans, misters, shady pergolas, and similar comfortable design features as part of your outdoor kitchen project that could be all too easily forgotten if working up the design in chilly weather.

You might even have a few inspirations for how your kitchen installation can extend into backyard summer fun through extended wiring, plumbing, or strategic placement of the sink sprayer.


Barbecuing With Your Renovation Team

Summer is also the perfect time to be a good, host to your renovation team. While your builders are constructing the kitchen in your backyard, you can enjoy playing your part in the project. And when it comes time for lunch, you already have barbecue guests if you want to fire up the grill for burgers, hotdogs, or kebabs for a friendly shared meal with your renovators.


Enjoying Your Home Interior During the Renovation

One of the greatest perks of an outdoor kitchen renovation is also that you can enjoy the inside of your house. Most kitchen renovations involve tons of work inside your kitchen, which would be separated off with plastic sheeting and unavailable for months. Instead, you can enjoy an almost undisturbed home interior for the duration of the construction process, and even full use of your main kitchen to prepare family meals while a second kitchen is constructed outdoors.


Design Your Outdoor Kitchen This Summer

If you've been dreaming of an outdoor kitchen for perfect summer hosting, now is the time to get started.  Summer is the ideal season for outdoor renovations because the weather is clear and you can easily envision all the features that will make your outdoor kitchen into a wonderful family gathering location.

At Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio, we look forward to bringing your outdoor kitchen dream into reality, whether you want the ultimate built-in grilling station or a place to serve canapes and wine in style. Contact us today to begin designing the perfect kitchen for you style, your space, and your vision of a beautiful outdoor living experience.


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