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Do You Need an Architect for a Remodel?

Do You Need an Architect

If you're building a new home or doing a significant extension, it might be evident you need the services of an architect, but do you need an architect for a remodel?

Having a professional designer seems unnecessary when you want to give a makeover to your interior. However, an architect may be what your home renovations need to get some financial benefits.

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You might ascertain you need an architect but be unaware of which services to expect from one, their responsibilities, and the different levels available for remodeling design services.

Levels of Architectural Design Services

What distinguishes an architect from other home designers is architects have a license from the states where they practice. To acquire a permit, an architect must be a degree holder from an accredited architectural program.

They also must attend and complete an internship and pass an exam. The requirements ensure architects possess a high level of expertise in materials, designs, and building systems.


Architectural Designer

A designer is anyone who has specific artistic skills in a particular category. There are landscape designers, interior designers, remodeling designers, etc. A designer, unlike an architect, doesn't require a degree or a license in their field. Designers have different certifications, education, or expertise but don't have regulations like architects and contractors.


Many builders offer services in home design, and others provide services for on-staff designers. Firms that specialize in design offer construction and architectural design services. Architects lead some companies, and others have architects on staff.


A draftsperson is a person who puts your plan on paper. After establishing the design, they can give you the drawings you need to build. Like designers, draftsperson works alongside licensed builders and architects.

You might need any of the above individuals to assist you in designing your remodel.


Responsibilities of an Architect During a Home Remodel

During house remodeling, architecture is in charge of project planning and design and the visual appearance of structures and buildings. An architect can:



Architects will draw up plans reflecting remodel additions and renovations to your home structure that flow easily through the space. They consider several facets of your project, including construction and structure systems, material specifications, and the choice and positions of fixtures.

General Contracting

An architect can act as a project's general contractor, drawing plans and overseeing the hiring of other consultants such as quantity surveyors and engineers. When the remodel commences, the architect will perform site meetings and visits, negotiate with contractors and deal with challenges that may arise as you progress.

Contract and Documentation Writing

When dealing with large-scale remodels, you benefit from architects who serve you as contractor writers. They compile and draw paperwork stipulating:

  • Specs of your project
  • Time frame
  • Estimates
  • Hiring of subcontractors
  • Job scope

Architects are the only professionals capable of writing contracts. Their knowledge and experience will help to execute your remodel according to plan.


When You Need an Architect for Your House Remodel

Several reasons will necessitate hiring an architect. They include Budget limitations, creative solutions, when you require expert help, and local authority requirements.

The major one that you have to comply with is the local authority requirement. You will need an architect to make applications and complete permits on your behalf. Each jurisdiction delineates what type of projects require a professional to sign and seal drawings.

Designing a Remodel That Makes You Smile

Designing a remodel for your home can be challenging since there are many factors to consider. Be keen, throughout the process, from the architectural design to the furniture you choose. The most crucial detail is making your new space look beautiful and captivating.

Hiring Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio's professional remodeling team is the answer to realizing such results. Contact us to make your dream a reality.

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