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Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio Restores Charming Belmont Villa Kitchen

Restores Charming Belmont Villa Kitchen

Historic homes have an intrinsic aroma about them that only gets better with age, like good cheese and fine wine. 

And while time often makes these homes more venerable, it also has a lasting impact on the materials used in the original build, whether through normal wear-and-tear over the years or unintentional neglect in the case of an empty home.

Dianne Aucello, directing kitchen designer and owner of Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio, was selected to participate in the restoration of an 1853 historic home in Belmont, the dedicated site for the 2017 Designer Show House.

As we walked through the home, we noticed that it had a very eclectic Victorian-era style and we felt it was important to the overall atmosphere to carry that over into the kitchen’s new design.


Belmont Kitchen Before


When we looked around the kitchen, the first thing we considered was the layout. The space was rather small so our options were limited. Our biggest question was, “What can we do with the space?”, which essentially boiled down to, “What can we get to fit?”

Unlike most of the kitchens that are built today, we decided the best use of the space would be for the kitchen to be designed as a “morning kitchen,” one that is intended for typical day-to-day use, not for entertaining guests.


Belmont Kitchen After 1.png


We brainstormed several design options and decided to make the most of the space by trimming the corner with Design-Craft frameless cabinets, adding a perfectly-sized custom island to the center of the kitchen, refurbishing the antique stove in its original location, and installing built-in appliances.

Inspiration for the overall look of the kitchen came from the fabric from the drapes; the flowery pattern was classic Victorian-style and the colors were bold and beautiful.

We used coordinating colors (adagio and dark basalt) in a modern way—like in the colors of the island, the bar stool cushions, the wall covering, and the painted ceiling—to give the kitchen a unique and updated look and hung contemporary artwork and a chandelier to finish it off.


Belmont Kitchen After 2.png



Do you want to renovate your kitchen, but are concerned you’ll ruin the integrity of your historic home?


Owning an historic property is like owning a piece of history itself; perhaps it witnessed the California Gold Rush, hosted a number of Gatsby Esque parties, or was once called home by a great American figure. So, when it’s time to renovate, it’s important to conserve its rich authenticity.

Choosing a kitchen designer who can maintain its architectural style of a specific time period is crucial to preserving the genuine craftsmanship and integrity of your property.

When it comes to renovating kitchens in historic homes, Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio considers the home’s location as well as its original design, building materials, workmanship, and overall aesthetic in order to create a design that is true to the character of your home.

If you like how we restored this charming kitchen in Belmont and are wondering how we could do the same for you, come talk to us!


Belmont Kitchen After 4 (1).png


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