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How to Shop For Under-Cabinet Lighting

under-cabinet lighting

Remodeling your kitchen breathes new life into your living space, but it is a significant undertaking, so you want to ensure everything is perfect. One aspect of new kitchen remodels that is often overlooked is the addition of under-cabinet lighting. Some people don't add it because they don't know all the benefits, while others don't know how to shop for under-cabinet lighting. No matter where you fall in that spectrum, you will feel more comfortable with the idea of under-cabinet lighting by the time you finish reading. 


Types of Under-Cabinet Lighting

There are many styles of cabinets, so many styles of lighting accommodate those cabinets. 


Puck lights are small circular lights, usually two to three inches in diameter. They typically use halogen or xenon bulbs and can be battery-powered or hard-wired. Puck lights are usually mounted to the cabinet's underside using small screws but can sometimes be mounted using adhesives. 


Bar lights are one long slim slight that can be mounted on the cabinet's underside and is usually hard-wired. In the past, these were often fluorescent lights, but their high mercury content isn't optimal, especially for a kitchen setting, so most bar lights you find today with be LEDs. 


Also known as tape lights or rope lights, these are often the most economical and removable form of under-cabinet lighting. In most cases, these lights will consist of a strip of mini LEDs which are usually battery-powered. Some options allow you to mount the strip using hardware, while others rely on peel-and-stick material. 


Benefits of Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting isn't just a gimmick; installing this lighting in your kitchen has multiple benefits. 

More Energy Efficient

There are several ways that under-cabinet lighting is more energy efficient. First, they often use LED bulbs which are cost-effective and energy efficient. Secondly, they reduce your need to turn on the kitchen lights, saving overhead energy costs. Lastly, they can be used as night lights instead of leaving traditional room lights on all night. 

Safer Food Preparation

Cabinets and other kitchen appliances can block overhead light casting shadows on the counters you use to prepare food. Not being able to see what you are doing during food preparation can lead to dangerous conditions, but having under cabinet lights erases those shadows. 

Creates Ambiance

It makes your counters sparkle, and the soft glow creates a luxurious look. Under-cabinet lighting creates an aesthetic appeal that you will love and be attractive to buyers. 

Save Space

Under-cabinet lighting removes the need for other lighting options, which may take up space on your counters and look out of place with the rest of your aesthetic. 


How to Shop for Under-Cabinet Lighting

When shopping for the proper lighting for your under-cabinet needs, it is vital to think about these factors:

Size and Shape

You want to look for lights that won't hang down too low or interfere with anything else you have under the cabinet, like cup rings. You also want to ensure that the light you choose will fit in the space provided, so measure your space before you shop, so you know the length and width you have to work with under the cabinet. 

Dampness Rating

For most places in the kitchen, you can use dry-rated lights; however, if you have an under-cabinet light that is directly over the sink or would be exposed to water or humidity for any reason, you want a damp-rated light


In most cases, you won't be able to see your under-cabinet lights, but if you do, you want a finish that will match the rest of your kitchen. They often come in white, black, bronze, nickel, and silver finishes. 

Lighting Color

Lights come in multiple types, like fluorescent and LED, but they also come in multiple colors, including traditional whites and yellows, as well as actual colors. 


Some lights allow you to control the brightness of the light, so you can turn it up and down depending on what you are using it for. 


Add An Extra Touch to Your New Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets can have way more features than people think, so why not give your cabinets as many as possible? Now that you have a general idea about under-cabinet lighting, you can decide which lights will work best in your updated kitchen.

Contact us today for more information or to get started on your next kitchen remodel. 


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