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Kitchen Cabinet Designs That Are Trending in 2020


If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen this year, it is good to know what kitchen cabinet designs are trending. 

You already have an idea of what you like, but combining your choices with the trendiest styles and colors, is sure to result in the modern kitchen of your dreams. 

To get started, download our Kitchen Planning Guide and read on to learn what is on trend for 2020.



Of course, white is still the most popular of all kitchen colors.  But 2020 sees white teaming up with other shades to give your kitchen interest while keeping it light and bright. 

One way to do that is by having your cabinets two toned.  Paint the uppers bright white, while choosing a blue or gray for the base cabinets.  Always do the lighter shade on the uppers, so that your ceiling will appear taller.  

Blue may be the new white.  Although blue kitchens will never have the popularity of white ones,  blue cabinets will definitely make a statement.  Don't go for a bright blue, rather a more subtle gray based navy shade.

Natural wood tones are also making a comeback and for 2020, they may be more popular than ever.  They are easily cleaned and look very modern when used on a sleek cabinet or open shelving.  Even mixing wood-tones with a light color offers trendy contrast and style.



Matte surfaces are still favored over glossy ones, but in 2020 glossy surfaces are going to give matte a run for its money. 

Gloss makes your kitchen feel clean and modern and if your design style is anything other than traditional, you might give it a try.  Regardless of the finish, the kitchen will be easy to clean and maintain for busy families.  

Expect to see more metal and glass in kitchen cabinets.  Industrial and farmhouse styles will remain popular this year, and the touches of metal will enhance this style choice. 

Open frame cabinet doors with glass or frosted glass inserts will also be very popular.  You might opt for all upper cabinets to have glass fronts or just a few as an accent.

As minimalism continues to grow in popularity, 2020 will see more kitchen designs with open shelving.  This is a great place to add some texture with wood grain shelving and openly display your wares.  



Along with farmhouse and industrial styles, the 2020 kitchen looks clean and uncluttered. 

Many designers like the simplicity of shaker style doors for cabinets.  Slab doors, which are flat, frameless fronts and are usually glossy, are modern, sleek and sometimes have hidden door pulls or none at all.   

Hardware is somewhat minimized in the 2020 kitchen, taking a back seat to the beautiful cabinetry.   Think slim metallic handles or simple knobs.



Multi-purpose is the key phrase for the 2020 kitchen.  The kitchen island may have a sink or cooktop, have seating for family meals, and have substantial storage. 

The island will not be used just for meal prep, but has become the family gathering place so that many can cook, do homework, or enjoy a meal.  

Drawers are deeper.  Deep drawers that can hold bowls, pots, or even appliances are making access easier and are utilizing that space at the back of the cabinet. 

Appliance garages for your coffee maker or mixer remain popular for the cook who hates countertop clutter.  Drawer dividers, trash storage, and appliance lifts also remain popular.  

Whatever your style, we know what is trending this year in kitchen cabinetry.  We can help you design your dream kitchen.  Contact us today to get started!

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