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Should You Hire an Architect or an Interior Designer?

 Architect or an Interior Designer

The question of whom to hire between an architect and an interior designer is a valid and critical one for your building project.

Every project is unique, and understanding its scope is the primary step in determining whose services you need most.

Architects primarily design both exterior and interior spaces of your built environment to determine how your building's spatial relationships will be laid out.

On the other hand, interior designers work within the existing interior space, using their expertise to add aesthetic value to your rooms. 


Whom Should You Hire?

Whereas the details of their work and training are seemingly different, architects and designers have a mutual correlation in bringing out the ideal visual appeal for any project.

Depending on different scenarios, however, the level of engagement with each varies significantly. For instance, if you already have a built space and you only need to revamp the outlook, you will definitely need an interior designer. 

When you are building your home from scratch, then you will need an architect and probably an interior designer in the final touches.

Those scenarios are clear-cuts, but how about a kitchen or bath remodeling or rebuild where your walls may need to come down and tweak the structure?


Let's take a closer look.


What Does an Architect Do?

Take a look at some of the reasons why you should consider an architect for your building project

  • Architects are exceptional at providing solutions and insights for complex building issues
  • They have a rich background in project management, engineering, and designing theories
  • Architects can design and draw up plans, oversight your entire project, and choose contractors for you
  • They also ensure that your project is safe and viable and that you are adhering to existing legislation and codes, including handling on your behalf complicated paperwork


What Does an Interior Designer Do?

You're mistaken if you believe interior designers have a conservative mindset that sorely entails making things pretty. Interior designers visualize the bigger picture of your space, i.e., how one space relates to the other and with keen regard to functionality. 

Designers objectively look at your space, lifestyle, and budget and infuse a sense of creativity therein. The result is an aesthetic space that works for you in all aspects. Here is an outline of some key reasons why your project will need an interior designer.

  • Interior design is versatile, covering design construction, architecture, and sustainability
  • They are professionally trained to plan any space for all types of buildings,
  • They are typically interior space moguls skilled at merging beauty and functionality for your space.
  • They can seamlessly disguise structural and architectural design flaws in your space
  • They ensure that your interior space and design adheres to safety and building codes


The Clever Choice

Architects and interior designers may be essentially inseparable. Their services anchor on each other to guarantee the success of a project. 

As such, we have highlighted three options to help you achieve design, beauty, and functionality for your space seamlessly.


These include:


1. Hire Both an Architect and An Interior Designer

If your project is quite big, it may be more prudent to work with an interior designer and an architect. In this case, the architect will deal with the building department's rules, while your interior designer hassles with creating the framework for the interior flow and design features.

2. Hire an Architect who Integrates Interior Design

Architects have realized that an exquisite building shell does not miraculously turn into a beautiful and functional interior space. This has prompted the profession to incorporate interior design to enhance creativity and flair in their work. 

In turn, you will achieve the best of both worlds in one person, even saving you costs and time.

3. Hire an Interior Designer with an Architectural Design Certification

Here the professional has majored in interior design but also has special certification in crafting architectural design. This guarantees you an expert who has structural awareness, building knowledge, and supervision experience besides unique and stunning interiors.


Who We Are

Edesia Kitchen & Bath Inc is an award-winning design company in Boston, MA. We are the best Kitchen and Bath designers in Boston and beyond. We have over three decades of continuous experience in designs, ten years of architectural experience, and another 22 years in kitchen and bath designs. 

Besides, we collaborate and partner with architects to guarantee the best results for our clients. Feel free to  contact us today for more information and queries about any design concerns for your kitchen or bath, and we will be eager to assist.

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