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Which are the best interior designs for a small kitchen space?

best interior designs

Having less square footage should never limit your kitchen's design creativity. You can maximize the tiniest space with unique ideas to prove you can do more with less and achieve a stylish design

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The following a few great DIY ideas to get your cooking space in top shape aesthetically and functionally:


Add a bit of greenery.

Adding a bit of greenery in your kitchen is always a welcome sight. The right plants will always liven up your kitchen space. However, ensure you go for air purifying and pet-friendly plants for your kitchen.

Some of the suitable kitchen plants that will add freshness and a lively feel include English ivy, aloe Vera, white jasmine, Chinese evergreen, African spear, fiddle leaf fig, among many other options.


Install striking lights

Pendant lights will brighten and liven a small kitchen. A kitchen needs adequate illumination to achieve an appealing look. One of the best options for kitchen lighting is a downlight that comes with decorative fixtures.

Good lighting is not only crucial for cooking but will also make your kitchen more attractive and appealing. You can also add lighting to shelves and cabinetry. Flood the space with as much of both natural and artificial light as possible.

Consider adding library or LED light strips on cabinets and shelves to help brighten up the kitchen space.


Use light colors

Light colors on kitchen walls and ceiling will create the illusion of space. You can bring the outdoor colors to help the small kitchen feel more open.

Although the white color is an obvious choice, it is not the only available option. Other bold and light colors to consider include purple, gunmetal gray, teal, and beige, blue-green. Pearl gray, soft yellow


Remove upper cabinets

Getting organized is at the center of every kitchen interior design. When space comes at a premium, you don't want to waste any of it. You can use open shelves to store up bulky items.

Open shelves are not only functional, but they also make access to dishes and glasses easy. They also free a lot of space that would have been occupied by upper cabinets, thus helps you to maximize available space.

When looking to create more space, determine if there is a particular appliance, you can move elsewhere. For example, you can move the freezer to another space like the dining room. 


Add a kitchen island

You can bring in a rolling kitchen island that can be pushed out of the way whenever a need arises. Even with a tiny kitchen, it is still possible to add a rolling island. You can install wheels on the island for easy movement around your kitchen space. The wheels will help you push the island over to the side or move it conveniently into the living or dining room to create more space in the kitchen.

Use patterns

You can brighten up your kitchen walls with ideal pattern tiles, wall decals, or wallpaper. You can also install a patterned floor that gives an illusion of an enormous expanse to the available space.

Patterns on floors and walls are a cheap option to create an outstanding design for small kitchens.


Embrace sliding doors and storage bins

Consider installing sliding cabinet doors to help hide bulky pantry items and other kitchen appliances.

You can also stash storage bins in empty shelves to hide items that you don't use frequently. Sliding doors and storage bins will help organize your kitchen and create more space for other fittings.

In a nutshell, the best interior designs don't necessarily have to be expensive or complex. If you have a small kitchen, you can use one of the simple ideas featured in this post to make your kitchen stylish and attractive.

If you are looking for the best kitchen designer, contact us today. With us, you can rest assured of top-notch results and best value.

kitchen planning guide

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