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The Top 6 Kitchen Storage Trends Ideas for 2023

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Do you want to get your kitchen more organized with kitchen storage trends ideas for 2023? Do you want to solve some common kitchen dilemmas with stylish and custom-made storage organizers?

Organizing a kitchen is and will always be perplexing with the number of gadgets, appliances, and cookware it holds. Finding creative and innovative storage ideas to organize your kitchen solves your storage dilemmas while achieving aesthetic appeal.

Here we look at the trending kitchen storage ideas for 2023 that create comfortable and soothing spaces while standing the test of time.


1.    Custom Butler's Pantry

The days of cramped cabinets are long gone with the rise in the adoption of butler's pantries. A butler's pantry is also known as a working pantry, scullery, or functional pantry. It provides additional food preparation space, extra storage, and a hidden coffee bar, among other uses.

According to Dimension Inc CEO, "Customizable appliances that perfectly mimic the cabinetry are a trend that has been gaining speed for years. New in concealed kitchen design is the secret butler's pantry-hidden behind a matching cabinetry panel or a sliding 'wall' door."


2.    Integrated Kitchen Appliances

Are you tired of appliances sticking out in your kitchen like a sore thumb? Worry no more. You can adapt built-ins and clever paneling to integrate your appliances into your kitchen storage units. Appliances like microwaves and refrigerators can now recede into surrounding cabinetry while making a stylish fashion statement.


3.    Open Displays

Wire racks and open shelves provide enough storage space within easy reach while giving breathing room to the kitchen. Wall- to wall cabinets feel heavy, while open shelving breaks up the room while adding bits of interest to the space to bring relief from the use of many closed-door cabinets. 

Open displays enable you to display your special collections while infusing their unique personality in the kitchen. An open display spices up your kitchen by displaying things you like to look at, like your favorite bowl or collection of cookbooks.


4.    Two-Toned Cabinets

Paint your kitchen cabinets to update them to include more than one color without making replacements. A two-toned cabinet creates the illusion and contrast, allowing you to embrace color without settling for a vibrant hue.

The most popular trend focuses on balancing saturated tones like green or blue on the cabinets base with crisp white color on the top. Adopting darker colors below the kitchen countertop level creates an open, bright, colorful, and visually balanced kitchen space.


5.    Modern Cellars

A modern-day wine cellar has transitioned from a cavernous underground cellar full of dusty bottles of vintage wine. Homeowners want exclusive and ambient space to store their fine wine at home. Modern wine cabinets are crafted to transform your wine collection into art while perfectly caring for your wine.

Jo Jackson, Fisher & Paykel's market product manager, says, "Modern kitchens are also often designed as very light, open spaces with skylights or bi-fold doors and hard stone floors with underfloor heating. These kitchens are stunning and have become the centerpiece of people's homes. However, they do add a level of complexity when you're looking to install a wine cabinet, as both the light and heat can affect the storage of wine."


6.    Warming Drawers

If you regularly host friends at home, warming drawers come in handy. It's a trend that has stood the test of time and is gradually gaining ground. Warming drawers enable you to keep your food warm at optimum temperature while preparing other dishes before serving your guests.

Warming drawers can be used in different ways, from keeping mugs and dishes warm before serving or as a dedicated space to enhance the rise of bread dough. Some can serve as slow cookers or preserve food when creating a healthy winter snack.


Do you want to redesign or remodel your kitchen storage units with trending ideas? Schedule a call or consultation today. View our projects or download our planning guide and get started with a remodel. We are tried and tested award-winning kitchen designers in Boston, MA. 

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