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What Makes a Bathroom Luxurious?

Bathroom Luxurious

If you are like most people, you probably have a standard bathroom with basic features (tub, shower, mirror, toilet, sink, and facility for keeping toiletries) that help it serve basic functions.

Many people tend to leave it at that since it is one of the most expensive rooms when it comes to renovation. However, a time comes when you want to upgrade your bathroom to luxurious standards. So, what does it take to achieve this?

Turning your bathroom into a luxurious place requires a bit of thought and ingenuity.

Read on to learn some of the characteristics which make a bathroom luxurious: 


Bathroom design

No doubt, a well thought out design provides a unique ambiance that will be sure to accentuate every feature in the room. Typically, luxury bathrooms tend to have sufficient space to add extras and gadgets, such as television monitors, in-wall speakers, and streaming video and audio content, all of which help make your bathroom entertaining.

Other design features that you need to consider when upgrading your bathroom are:

• A semi-private toilet.

• A dressing room.

• Sauna (to provide a place for users to relax and calm their minds).

A freestanding bathtub can also add to the exotic look of your bathroom, especially when placed at the center of the room. 


Quality of materials

The most outstanding feature of a luxurious bathroom has to be the material used for installation. A good example of a material that spells luxury is quartz, a hard-wearing product that dons a natural glint. It can go a long way in enhancing the look of your bathroom, thanks to its surface that sparkles even without polish.

Marble and granite are equally a good fit and are especially ideal for enhancing the aesthetics of the interior. When remodeling your bathroom to give it that luxurious look, pay close attention to material as it will greatly determine the ultimate look of the space.


Luxurious fittings and features

Indeed, a bathroom cannot be said to be luxurious without exquisite fittings and features. This particular aspect can encompass various features; for instance, adding radiant heat integrated into floors and walls (behind wall panels) can provide extra warmth to the entire bathroom, which can especially be useful during the cold seasons. 

A luxury bathtub is also a perfect consideration for your luxury bathroom, partly because it enhances the general look of the space and partly due to its health benefits. It can be fitted with an in-water circulation technology to give it a luxurious characteristic. 

Other features that are equally essential here are porcelain dispensers, beauty gadgets, and contemporary storage solutions. With these features, you can transform your bathroom in unimaginable ways.  


Luxury bath lighting

Lighting can change the entire look of a space, so be careful with it when upgrading your bathroom. While here, why not install dimming switch to change the ambiance of the room? This can help turn the harshly bright light into something that elevates the mood every time you are in the bathroom. 
Having alternate lightings such as scones and small lamps can also help to add to the luxury. Even better, you can fix a chandelier over the tub to complement the lighting in the room. 


Well blend colors

In most cases, the most luxurious bathrooms are spa-inspired; the simple colors and material that blend perfectly well play a key role in creating a relaxing environment. To create a spa vibe, you can go for a pretty blue or aqua and blend them with a soothing color. With help from knowledgeable sources, you can enhance your bathroom's look by picking the right blend of colors



The look of your bathroom can determine the vibe of the whole house, a reason you should not be afraid of spending a little more on upgrading it. Turn your bathroom into a luxurious space by incorporating the features that pamper your desires.  

To find out how Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio can help you with bathroom or kitchen remodel, please contact us to learn more about our services and products.      

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