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10 Best Kitchen Lighting Trends For 2023

Kitchen Lighting Trends For 2023

Lighting can completely transform any area and bring harmony, warmth, and dimension. Various kitchen lighting can make the kitchen space feel welcoming and warm. 

Besides bringing in the natural light through the windows for the sun's radiance to make the kitchen inviting, here are some of the best kitchen lighting trends for 2023, including;


Exceptional Pendants Replacements

Among popular kitchen lighting trends is the replacement of quicker lighting fixtures. Although pendants have been popular since way back, unique pendants replacements are taking over kitchen lighting options. Modern works of art to chandeliers let people choose and explore creativity when choosing the best kitchen lighting.


Lights With Black Finish

For industrial kitchen lighting ideas, the look is getting an update for contemporary homes. Various kitchen styles combined with industrial lights create a modern and versatile space. For whatever kind of kitchen, matte black light shades stand out, giving a modern look to classic industrial kitchen lights.


Metallic Mix & Match Finishes

Another popular kitchen lighting trend for 2023 is the mix-and-match metallic finishes. A combination of different metals brings out a stylish and unique appearance. This trend lets homeowners add a luxurious feel to the kitchen without setting aside a considerable budget.

A mix and max between brass, gold, and ances is a lighting trend gaining popularity. Pairing black fixtures with bright copper or brass holders offer an attractive contrast throughout the kitchen.


Pendants In a Row

Having the pendants in a row is a popular trend that does not seem to be going away anytime soon, even in 2023. Different pendant shapes feature over the kitchen island, often with a row of three, seven, or five pendants together with a schoolhouse or cones to provide a welcoming and refreshing look in the kitchen. If you wish t create drama and draw attention to the critical parts of your space, use oversized and large pendants to create that dramatic effect.


Small Vintage Lights

Vintage-style kitchen lights help save space if the kitchen space is already tiny. Vintage lights or pendants bring about a dash of retro style to add character to the small space. Exposed bulb pendants are ideal for a small kitchen since they occupy little space and offer structure. Shadeless bulb pendants create a warm ambiance and a minimalistic aesthetic.


Modern Glass Lights

Although regular glass lights offer the same effects as modern glass lights to enhance openness and flow in the kitchen, modern glass lights are becoming more popular. This trendy kitchen lighting results in function and form balance. Glass shades add elegance and exude a modern look.


Statement Lighting

A trend that is coming back in 2023 kitchen lighting is statement lighting. The more oversized the lighting is, the better since lighting creates a solid and unique touch to the space. More bold and graphic art deco will heavily influence the kitchen lighting trends in 2023.


Use Of Downlights

Using downlights is a kitchen lighting trend that will continue to rule in 2023. Downlights are essential in kitchen task lighting and accentuating architectural features. To ensure that the light blends in with the space, choose downlights of the correct size and ideally cool 4000k or 3000k warm color rendering index.


Layered Lighting

Mastering the art of layering is essential when it comes to kitchen designs. Many downlighters are not ideal for the kitchen whenever you require lighting in specific kitchen areas. In that instance, the best lighting is layered lighting to align with the kitchen functionality and layout.


Pale and White Shades

Delicate white shades on the lights work well, especially in Scandi-inspired kitchens, and bring out a timeless factor. The opal white shades add a touch of airiness which blends well with natural materials. Hence, one can spend more time in the kitchen space. Kitchen lights need to be practical and cater to multi-functional spaces.

At Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio, we can guide you in choosing the best kitchen island, achieving balance and symmetry in your kitchen, and choosing new appliances. Contact us if you are stuck on which trendy kitchen lighting to use in your kitchen.


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