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12 Unique Container Ideas for Garden Planting

Container Ideas for Garden Planting

Filling your garden is about more than the flower beds and blossoming bushes. You can make any patio explode with greenery and brightly colored blooms using planters. 

Of course, you don't have to find your planters at the store. Some of the most beautiful and creative planters are restored, recycled, upcycled, and arranged in delightful vignettes around your garden.

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Let's dive into a dozen unique ideas for garden planters to liven up your landscaping.


1. Blossoming Birdcages

Find old birdcages and use them for planters. Birdcages look best when planting exuberant plants that grow tall and fluffy enough to burst from every bar. The old-fashioned brass work or painted metal gives a charming, classic look.


2. Upcycled Old Furniture

If you're handy with a little DIY, you can rebuild old furniture into planters. Compress a headboard and footboard for a rectangular planter. Use old shelves and trunks to create recessed planter space. Or you can use the entire piece of furniture to create a delightful 'overgrown' planter appearance.


3. Recycled Bottle Planter Art

It feels good to recycle, and planters are a favorite way to reuse your bottles. Glass bottles can make beautiful permanent planters and are especially beautiful when used for suspended water and air plants. Plastic bottles are also popular for DIY nurseries growing new plant seedlings before they are ready for big planters.


4. A Worn Out Boat

there are few things more fun than realizing that an oversized planter is really an old rowboat that will never move again. Sail the grass seas in a blossoming rig by half-burying a boat as a large, decorative planter.


5. Overgrown Home Office

For a bit of a post-modern commentary on the home office, artfully arrange a scene where Nature has retaken your desk, chair, filing cabinet, and coffee pot.


6. Broken Musical Instruments

It's always a shame when a musical instrument is broken, but that doesn't mean the beautiful craftsmanship must go to waste. You can collect guitar bodies, cello bodies, even old pianos being planted This is a unique look at the relationship between music and art.


7. Old Suitcase and Luggage

You don't need fancy supplies to make truly unique planters. All you need is an old set of luggage. Suitcases are a surprising addition to your planter vignette designs.


8. Planter Lanterns

Old-fashioned lanterns look lovely when exploding with leaves and blooming flowers. Lantern planters are more mobile than most planters and can be moved around with the sunshine and the seasons after you plant the lantern.


9. Broken Swing Benches

A swing bench can make a delightfully large suspended planter of lightweight plantings. See your flowers wave in the breeze each time the old bench is set swinging.


10. Wagons, Wheelbarrows, and Old Toy Trucks

Many people are charmed when they see planters in BodyRubChanel@gmail.comold-fashioned wheelbarrows and wells. Instead, look for toys to fill up with flowers. Little toy wagons, trikes, and even old toy trucks can build a scene in a new caregiver location.


11. Shoes, Boots, and Heels

A quirky twist on upcycled planters is to make use of old shoes. From heavy rain boots to fancy high-heeled pumps, shoes built to last will also last in your garden.


12. Overflowing Fountains

If you have an old fountain or birdbath, designing an overflowing basin of flowers and vines can be a great way to make use of beautiful old concrete. If it's a real water fixture, use the old water lines to create watering feeds for your flowers instead.


Living surrounded by greenery can be done in many creative ways. Whether you have a big yard or a patio balcony to plant in, unique planters will give any blossoming arrangement a dash of personality. Contact us today for more fun and useful ways to decorate your home.

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