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4 Inspiring Design Ideas for Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Design Ideas for Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen is an opportunity to fully reimagine the space. You can rip out the cabinets, install a new countertop, and completely change the style of your kitchen design.

 You can transform a cozy farmhouse kitchen into a sleek industrial kitchen, you can kit out your kitchen with smart devices or design a custom kitchen for your personal cooking style.

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One of the best ways to approach a kitchen renovation is to pick a single unifying design idea. What inspires you in a kitchen design? We have four amazing kitchen trends that can help you envision the perfect dream kitchen for your next remodeling project.


Eco-Friendly Kitchen Design

Explore the possibilities of a kitchen with almost no carbon footprint in the renovation or in your cooking. Love the idea of upcycled materials? Try reclaimed wood or tile for your new kitchen floor and explore stone remnant design - using pieces of countertop stone slabs cut away when pre-fabbing countertops. Try restored and found-fixture lighting polished to a stylish mixed-metal gleam.

You can also reduce your construction carbon footprint with toxin-free cabinet board and paints and sourcing materials locally to reduce fuel used in transportation. Taking out old materials you don't want (but are still beautiful)? Upcycle them to the local market so someone else can enjoy your old kitchen pieces in their new design without cutting any new trees or slabs to fill the order.  


Chalkboard Paint and Bold Kitchen Design

Black paint and gleaming fixtures are the new regal retro, but chalkboard paint is also a hot trend we love to see in the kitchen. This special black paint is both washable and textured to show chalk and liquid-chalk pen drawings beautifully. Paint the cabinets chalkboard black and use them to leave family notes. Or you can paint your accent wall into a chalkboard and draw a new family mural every week.

Chalkboard paint pairs beautifully with metal finishes, bright color accents, and soft pastels. The bold splash of black in your kitchen design can make your kitchen look more refined or more fun, depending on how much chalk is currently on the walls.


Glowing Glass Kitchen Designs

One of our favorite kitchen upgrades is to make your cabinetry grow. You can upgrade our cabinets (with or without replacing them) by installing frosted glass-insert cabinet doors or framed frosted glass doors. Then line the inside of each cabinet shelf with an LED light strip, softly lighting your dishes and conveniently illuminating the deeper recesses of your shelves.

At the same time, closed cabinets will glow beautifully, creating a uniquely warm yet modern kitchen design. Even better, most LED strips are now smart and adaptable. Your cabinets can glow any color, or brightness you want with a word to your smart home.


Murphy Fold-Away Kitchen Design

Among the most clever kitchen trends is the fold-away murphy kitchen and multi-purpose kitchen design. Inspired by the ingenious design of modern tiny homes, the fold-away kitchen gives you back plenty of space while including delightful mechanisms.

You might enjoy a breakfast table that folds away into a sideboard, cabinets that fold out and down for easy access, islands that fold out into extra cutting boards and bar seating; the list goes on! Explore cool options to hide, fold away, or make your kitchen designs multi-purpose with this gadget-friendly trend.


Planning a Spectacular Kitchen Renovation

What will inspire your next kitchen remodel and renovation project? Your kitchen should make you smile every day when you walk in with both beautiful and wonderfully convenient design. Let your own personal sense of style and style of cooking guide your next great kitchen design. Contact us today to make your vision of the perfect kitchen into a ready renovation plan.

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