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5 High-Tech Kitchen Upgrades You Haven't Heard of, Yet

High Tech Kitchen Upgrades

In the last ten years, we've seen a cascade of new kitchen tech and cool upgrades enter the market. Kitchen renovations have never been more futuristic with smart fridges, motorized shelves, and glowing faucets. Of course, high-tech upgrades have been at the top of the trends lists for years, so you probably think you've heard it all. Not so!

As professional kitchen renovators, we can tell you that there are upgrades yet unseen. While LED-lit shelves and built-in wine refrigerators are all the rage, we know of a few upgrades that will both streamline your futuristic kitchen experience and delight and amaze your guests when they see what you've done.

Here are the Edesia top five high-tech kitchen upgrades that you haven't heard of.   


1. Tankless Water Heater

A tankless water heater provides infinite, freshly heated hot water to the kitchen without competing with other taps. Whether your kitchen loses hot water when the washing machine runs or siphons hot water from morning showers, sharing the water heater with the rest of the house is not always ideal. With a tankless water heater, you don't have to. Consider this an on-demand water heating unit that heats water as it flows to your kitchen sink. Your sink (and perhaps the dishwasher) can run on a private supply of hot water, pulled from the cold tap line. 

This way, showers, and other washing appliances never interfere with your hot water for cooking and washing in the kitchen.

Most homes rarely run out of hot water in the kitchen, due to the placement of the water heater. However, you can unpleasantly com


2. A Private Kitchen AC Zone

AC zones are a great way to upgrade your home's temperature management. Does your kitchen get hot when you cook, even with the stove hood fan running? This is normal for many home designs, and with central air, you'll freeze the rest of the house to properly cool the kitchen. Instead, consider your options for an AC zone in the kitchen.

Ductless mini-split ACs offer localized cold air in select locations throughout the house, or you can have a private window or wall AC installed in the kitchen alone. This allows you to cool your kitchen as a separate temperature zone from the rest of the house.


3. Magnetic Tablet Wall Mounts

If you're thinking advanced kitchen tech, chances are that you already have a few smart home devices throughout the house. Smart bulbs and speakers are easy to install and so convenient for daily activities. With all these devices controlled by apps, many families keep a tablet or phone handy at all times. Why not place mounting points on the wall, at your counter recipe station, on the island, and above the stove?

A tablet mounting point is, essentially, a strong embedded magnet and induction charging pad placed into any wall or surface. You can pop the tablet onto the pad, or an articulating arm, and access your apps and smart home controls from anywhere in the house - including strategic locations around your kitchen.

You can also install a phone charging induction pad anywhere you like to rest your phone.


4. Kitchen Streaming Rig

Do you like to stream? Have you always wanted to stage your own cooking show? You can easily get started by installing a streaming rig in your kitchen. Choose your camera angle, set up glowy lighting, and install the perfect sound equipment to host your cooking show with the touch of a button. You can even set up additional camera angles like looking directly into your oven, over the simmering stove, your prep counter, or a side-angle to address the camera from your sink.

Consider full-shot and hands-only camera angles and cool places to put cameras to watch your food cook or set.


5. Smart Kitchen Scale and Recipe Center

Finally, what about a recipe center? Smart scales, connected tablet displays, and the right apps can make it easy to follow a new recipe guide or build and record your recipes one ounce at a time. Keeping track of ingredients and calories is a hassle one meal a time but a joy when recording your kitchen inventions as you create them.

Use the latest in digital scale and wifi app technology to make your recipe station high-tech and fun to use.


Here at Edesia Kitchen & Bath, we love to see new technology integrated into practical, elegant ways into modern kitchens. Contact us today if you're looking for high-tech kitchen upgrades with an eye toward ergonomics integrated design.

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