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5 Leading Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

kitchen design trends

Your kitchen design should reflect your personality, style, and how you best enjoy cooking. A beautiful kitchen is made of striking cabinetry gleaming fixtures, and a smooth expanse of stone countertop. 

Your kitchen should catch the eye while making your entire home feel more elegant and put together. Any kitchen that doesn't live up to your expectations can be remodeled to more perfectly reflect your personality and lifestyle - not to mention your vision of interior design.


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Looking for a few cutting-edge kitchen design inspirations to guide your upcoming remodel? Let's take a look at some of the hottest kitchen design trends of 2022 and why they'll take the housing markets by storm.  


1) Modern Minimalism Meets Boho Naturalism

Kitchen style has been leaning toward modern minimalism for around a decade as cabinets become sleek and colors lean toward cool grays and bold blacks mixed with the warm glow of mixed metals. Some kitchens feel like they could be on a space ship while some cleverly blend home-style cozy design with space-efficient minimalism.  

Today, that minimalist style is softening with a bohemian touch. The boho style embraces woven decorations, living potted plans, and natural materials like wood, clay, and stone. Mixed with the harsh designs of bright, airy minimalism, you get sleek, efficient kitchens that are also warm and welcoming.


2) Dark and Dramatic Paint Colors

Dark paint colors are in and getting darker. The latest kitchen design craze is blackboard paint - black paint for your cabinetry that doubles as a blackboard surface. This can be useful, leaving lists for the family, or create a palette for beautiful artwork drawn in vivid liquid-chalk pens.

Balance dark paints with soft countertops and gleaming fixtures that make your moody kitchen look elegant and dignified. Then carry your dark paint themes into the rest of the home design to help your colors flow from room to room.


3) Eco-Friendly Building Materials

Eco-conscious building has been a rising trend for a few years but in 2021, we're seeing an explosion of conscientious eco-friendly remodeling and building projects. Panel your walls in reclaimed wood panels from torn-down buildings or source your cabinetry wood from fast-growing plants like bamboo or genetically engineered lyptus trees.

Get creative with stone remnants, recycled light fixtures, and locally sourced materials to reduce the carbon footprint (and bring a great story) to every element of your kitchen design.


4) Mixed Metals and Bespoke Fixtures

Mixed metals bring that warm, boho eclectic look to your elegant dark-hued kitchen. Consider a variety of metal shades, but don't just pick at random.

Choose a palette of metals with primary metal and accent metals to complete your beautiful kitchen fixtures, cabinet door handles, and drawer pulls. You can even match your pots, pans, and wire stands.


5) Smart Kitchen Upgrades

Last and certainly not least is the smart kitchen upgrades. Smart home speakers, screens, and lightbulbs are all the rage and perfect for hands-free entertainment in the kitchen.

With a few clever upgrades, you can have music on-demand, reference online recipes with your hands full, and drop in with an intercom to other rooms in the house.


Working with a Professional Kitchen Remodeling Team

Ready to reinvent your kitchen? Our designers will capture your vision while our trusted teams ensure that every step of your kitchen remodel is one step closer to achieving your dream kitchen. Let's talk about your kitchen preferences, favorite styles, and the cutting-edge trends you'd love to have as part of your new kitchen design.

Contact us today to ensure your vision of a beautiful new kitchen design is completed by experts who know how to build a kitchen to last. 

kitchen planning guide

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