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5 Tips to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Large

Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Large

Kitchens are where most family discussions are done as it is naturally a convergence point for everyone, despite the size of the kitchen. 

However, small kitchens always have a cramped-up feeling that makes it difficult to cook and do other activities. Is there a way to make your small kitchen feel large?


Here are some tips. 

  • Go for bright colors.

Light color tones on the walls, countertops, and the ceiling will make your kitchen feel much bigger. Go for neutral colors on the walls and countertops, preferably warm white colors and earthy beige shades. 

Cabinets can have a bold color that makes them stand out, but keep wood finishes light for an enhanced architectural interest. Similar colors on the countertops and the walls will maintain continuity and ensure that the eye focuses on the bigger space, making it feel larger and lighter.


  • Cleverly position mirrors in your kitchen.

Mirrors trick the eye into an optical illusion by reflecting light and colors in your kitchen. So, even when there is little light in the room, the mirror reflections will help maintain the room's brightness. 

The effectiveness of the mirrors will depend on where you position them. For example, you can use mirrors on cabinet doors, behind the sink, or behind the stove. Also, you can go the stylish way and use reflective pendants and tiles in strategic positions in your kitchen. 

On the other hand, mirrors can help you hide items or spots in your kitchen that you don't want people to see. So, why not position mirrors in such places? 


  • Patterned flooring will go a long way.

The floor always goes unnoticed, especially when you use dull colors with no patterns to attract the eye. Busy patterns keep the eye engaged and give it the impression of a larger space, making it a good way to enhance your kitchen's overall space. 

A good choice would be checked floor tiles or natural wood color scheme for an enhanced larger feeling in your kitchen. But, it doesn't stop with the floors because patterns on the walls and other accessories can be a good distraction and create a charming kitchen for you. 


  • Choose your lighting wisely.

Lighting gives the general feeling in your kitchen, and so you want it to play an important role in making your kitchen feel larger than it is. If possible, bring as much natural light into your kitchen and give the kitchen a more natural blend. 

Integrate light in such a way that it gives the kitchen a feeling of openness throughout the day. Don't forget to put some lighting under the cabinets to light the countertops for you as you cook. Try using decorative light fixtures to improve the kitchen's aesthetics. 


  • Go for open wall storage and cabinets. 

Traditional cabinets do well in larger kitchens because there is enough space to open and close them without feeling cramped up. However, the smart way for small kitchens is to utilize the wall for storage while keeping the cabinets open. 

Not only will they offer more storage space, but they will also make the room look bigger. You only need to keep them clean as they can easily collect dust. To optimize this idea, you can use glass doors on the cabinets as they will appear open to the eye and give the same impression and at the same time keep the cabinets cleaner than in an open space. 



Kitchens are the place where so much magic happens, and you can't let small space make it difficult for you. So naturally, a cramped space is difficult to work with, and you end up becoming less productive. Use the tips in this article to make your small kitchen feel large.  Contact us for more information. 

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