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6 Beautiful Uses for Temperature Responsive Tiles

Temperature Responsive Tiles

When remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, there are millions of tile design, color, and material combinations to choose from. 

How do you choose? Some homeowners stick with a design theme throughout the house, which helps to choose the right tile. Some pick their favorite color, muted in a way that complements the bathroom or kitchen design.

Some look for practical materials that clean easily or don't get too cold in the winter. But sometimes, the best answer is to splash out into something new, like thermochromic (temperature color-changing) glass tiles.


Discovering Thermochromic Tiles

Temperature responsive tiles can display a rainbow of colors, but not like mother-of-pearl. Instead, temperature-sensitive tiles are like a mood-ring for your shower, counter or backsplash.

These tiles reflect a heat-map of whatever they touch. When cold, they are black or dark blue. As the tiles heat up, they change blue to brilliant green, then through yellow, orange, and finally red. These unique glass tiles. Thermochromic glass works this way due to layers of different types of liquid crystal molecules in the glass. 

Today, we'd like to explore some of the more amazing, clever, not to mention breathtaking uses for glass tiles that are responsive to temperature changes.


1) Rainbow Shower and Water Test

By far the most popular use for heat-responsive tiles is in the shower. Shower stalls already need to be tiled up to at least five feet to protect the room and drywall.

Why not make that tiled wall a beautiful show of color every time the water is turned on. Even cold water can create an astounding Aurora Borealis type display of blues and greens across your shower wall, while hot showers will paint a red-centric rainbow around every shower you take.

This reveals the secret bonus to tiling your shower with temperature-responsive glass: you can always tell when the shower is hot enough to step in. Just memorize your favorite shade of red or turn it down to a comfortable orange before stepping into the water.

This Shower Tile Changes Color Depending On The Temperature of the Water

Pic Credit:


2) Temperature Responsive Floor or Tile Pathways

These glass tiles look like elegant black or navy-blue glaze from a distance. Until someone takes a step. Imagine the delight of the first barefoot heat-mark on a temperature-responsive tiled floor.

This is a delightful solution for a small bathroom or a spacious master bathroom where no expense is spared on enjoyable luxury.

A few homeowners have stylishly installed thermochromic glass walkways through the home, inviting family and guests to follow the natural flow while also rewarding every step with a glowing memory of the foot as it departs.


3) A Heat Revealing Kitchen Counter

While color-changing tiles are most classically used in the bathroom, why not the kitchen as well? A temperature-reactive countertop can quickly remind you if a pan is hot, or if a Tupperware of warm food, just packed, has yet to reach the fridge.

It can be fun to see the counter turn blue when you set down an ice tray, or orange when you prepare warm dinner plates.

Create a map of your prepping space and enjoy watching the rainbow follow your sponge with every swipe during clean-up.

A thermochromic bathroom counter around the sink could also be fun from brushing your teeth in the morning to taking your contacts out at night.


4) Thermochromic Backsplashes

Backsplashes are often designed to subtly hide mess until it can be cleaned. A colorful or patterned backsplash makes it OK to splash a little when washing your hands or preparing dinner because it's easy to clean and still looks nice in-between.

But why not challenge yourself with a cross between artwork and home science equipment? 

Build a backsplash from temperature-sensitive glass. Every drop of cool or warm water will change its color, just as it will respond to the swipe of your sponge. Make messes easy to spot and beautiful to clean at the same time.


Trying to pick a tile for your next remodeling project? Take a moment for temperature responded glass tile. It's nifty, it's beautiful, and it's one of the most unique tiling options in the entire catalog.

If you want a remodel that makes your life more enjoyable and unique all at once, thermochromic glass tiles are a breathtaking place to start. Contact us today to talk about your custom tiling options.

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