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6 Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations that Improve Your Sleep Quality

Renovations that Improve Your Sleep Quality

The quality of your sleep is closely linked to your energy and success. If you sleep poorly, you'll be distracted and weary throughout the day. But sometimes, the causes for poor sleep are pretty hard to address. 

Maybe you wake up to roaring pipes every time the water heater refills. Or perhaps you can't help but wake up to the sounds of a family moving through the house - even if you're on different schedules. What can you do when all you want is a good night's sleep but the very structure of your house is interfering?

If you're planning a home renovation, there are more than a few options available. Here at Edesia, we specialize in kitchen and bathroom renovations. We know everything there is to know about designing and rebuilding kitchens and bathrooms, from water-proof light fixtures to beautiful tile floors.

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We've also learned that a strategic kitchen or bathroom renovation can also potentially improve the quality of your sleep - and maybe the sleep of everyone in the house.

Here are seven unique ways your kitchen or bathroom renovation could also improve your sleep depth, quality, and enjoyment.


1) Make Your Bedtime Bath Luxurious

One of the best ways to wind down for bed is a luxurious bath. The hot water heats up your body, relaxing your muscles and easing any troubling thoughts. Then emerging from the bath to a chilled room cools you down and tells your body it's chilly night-time and time to sleep.

A bathroom renovation can make your bedtime bath or shower even more relaxing and remove any worries you might have about the room itself. Turn your bathroom into a beautifully decorated and softly lit paradise with an oh-so-comfortable tub.


2) Soundproofing Insulation Softens Other-Room Sounds

Room-to-room noises waking you up at night? This is common in many home design styles where there isn't enough soundproofing insulation between the walls. Hollow walls carry sound through the house, as do hard surfaces. If you're waking up every time a family member heads to the kitchen or flushes a toilet, your home is a little too sound-transmissive.

When you plan your renovation, find ways to add more insulation to the walls and surfaces of the rooms you're renovating. This is an especially good opportunity if you are already opening or moving walls and, therefore, have access to the in-between space where insulation is typically installed.


3) Muffle Noisy Pipes to Sleep More Soundly

While you're installing new plumbing or have opened the walls, consider your pipes. Noisy pipes echo and roar through the house when water moves. Do you hear it in the basement when someone runs the sink?

Do you wake up in bed if one of your kids takes a shower across the house? Can the water heater pull you out of a dead sleep? If so, your pipes are likely uninsulated and a little echoey to boot.

Fortunately, the solution is easy with direct access. A kitchen or bathroom renovation can easily include extra insulation around the pipes to quiet the noise. As an added bonus, pipe insulation also reduces the chance of frozen pipes in the winter.


4) Quiet a Loud Toilet or Sink

Some toilets flush loud, and some drains gurgle with a house-spanning resonance. This means any use of the bathroom creates more noise than it should.

One of the best ways to improve your home's soundscape for good sleep is to replace or repair these noisy fixtures during a bathroom renovation. Installing a new toilet is among the best ROI improvements and drain problems are often fixed while a plumber is handy working on fixture installation.


5) Install Night-Lights for Midnight Adventures

No one likes the bright-white glare of turning on the lights during midnight sojourns to the fridge or bathroom. That glare also tends to wake you up and make it harder to go back to sleep.

Nightlight fixtures and settings make it possible to walk safely during mid-sleep adventures without fully waking up your brain. This way, you can fall directly back into bed and find your last dream immediately after your midnight snack or bathroom venture. Light fixture installation is also a great way to change the look, feel, and versatile functions of a kitchen or bathroom.


6) Make Your Morning Routine Easy

Lastly, you can improve your sleep by making your morning routine easier. If you know your kitchen is built for the perfect quick cup of coffee and your bathroom has the ideal storage for your toothbrush and contacts, there's less need to rush out of bed or worry about your morning. Make your morning routine a breeze with clever renovation tricks like a coffee station or a two-basin bathroom sink design.


Can kitchen and bathroom renovation improve the quality of your sleep? You bet your sweet dreams it can. With the right little improvements in the walls, in the plumbing, and in your home experience, you can relax more deeply and sleep with fewer noisy interruptions. The right renovations can even improve your home's airflow. Contact us today if you're planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation for more insights and little tips that will make your renovation so much more satisfying than simple surface updates.

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