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6 Trends in Kitchen Hoods for 2023

Trends in Kitchen Hoods

Remodels can be quite costly, and you need to get them right from the onset. When remodeling your kitchen, you can add a personal touch with trends in kitchen hoods for 2023.

The trends will give you a wide room to play around. Give your kitchen a new look by choosing from the trends below.


1. Under Cabinet

If you're looking for something that can help save up on space, you need to look at this trend. The under-cabinet is one of the best range hoods as they fit beneath the existing cabinets.

You don't have to struggle as much or make a major remodel with this hood. When you have cabinets already above the range, it only makes work easier to have the hood underneath.


2. Limestone

As a young, classy couple, you want something with a touch of elegance and attraction. The limestone hood is the one that screams all that and much more. The hoods are majorly hand-crafted to ensure they have an exceptional design.

The other thing you'll love about the limestone hood is that they blend with any aesthetic of the room. It's the type of hood that you want for a neutral kitchen; it's inviting and relaxing.


3. Stainless Steel

Forget the classy feel for a second; the go-to for most kitchen hoods today is stainless steel. Most stainless-steel hoods are sleek and can easily complement each stainless appliance in the kitchen. The hoods are quite modern and can be discreet if you want them to be, as they have a flat front.

Most people redesign their kitchen's look to this hood because they aren't slanted and don't cover the entire range. The idea shouldn't worry you as the design absorbs cooking fumes effectively.


4. Disappearing Range Hood

The disappearing acts can serve you well if you are looking for something that's even more discreet than the stainless-steel hoods. First, you need to get it right, as the hood needs to blend with the entire design of the kitchen.

These hoods have clean lines and don't interfere with the line of kitchen cabinets. You will certainly love the design as you conceal the hoods effectively and don't interfere with any design. You can have this hood in any kitchen – traditional, modern, contemporary, or country.


5. Tiled Hoods

If you have a tile-themed kitchen design, then tiled hoods may be the way to go. One of the top reasons for this hood is that it has a clean appearance and can be easy to maintain. Once you have the right colors for the tiles that blend with the kitchen theme, you have a great piece.

With a tiled kitchen hood, you can opt for a single tile for the entire hood. You can also opt to be creative with it if you wish as long as it matches the countertop tiles, floor, or backsplash.


6. Painted Hoods

The painted hood is what you want when you are looking for a more traditional metal range hood. When you go for this design, you need something that matches the cabinets and maintains cohesion at the top. You can then paint the hood in a color that resonates with the cabinets. With a painted hood, you can go for black, white, cool blue, or any color that works with your kitchen.

You can now say goodbye to the old kitchen hood ideas as new and improved ones are already here. 2023 is certainly a year for change, and you can maximize it with a new kitchen hood. Get inspiration for your kitchen remodel from the above kitchen hood trends. If you need help with your kitchen remodel, get in touch with us. 

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